When we moved to Colorado, we thought we’d go hiking all the time. We don’t.

But–since it was on the Bucket Listwe went for a hike!

The trip didn’t start off real grand. Right about the time we decided we might be lost, Josiah threw up. I don’t know if it was the bit of altitude we gained, all the curves we drove around, or what…(But he seemed to feel better the rest of the day. Praise the Lord!) We didn’t have any spare clothes since we haven’t had a leaky diaper in months. He had a onesie on under his shirt, though, that didn’t get too wet. Here he is stripped down to his onesie while his shorts dried on the dash.

We turned around and stopped at this cute little cafe to ask for directions.

There was a lady outside setting up a vegetable stand. She was very helpful…and suggested we come back for a bowl of Pork Green Chili when we were finished with our hike.

The trail runs right along side a creek, which gave us plenty of opportunities to throw rocks.

Check out this action shot:

Josiah and I found a great seat on a rock.

While Daddy and Zeke climbed higher.

We all enjoyed some fabulous views.

It was a wonderful day out with my two guys.

When we were done, we did decide to stop back in at Aspen Specialty Foods.

We had picnic lunches packed, but my husband and I both have newly found soft spots for Pork Green Chili. So we decided to share a bowl. We were not disappointed.

Yay for a wonderful day crossing the first thing off the Bucket List!

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