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Yesterday, I showed you the King-Size Pottery Barn Stratton Bed Knock-Off that we built.Today, let me tell you more about the bedding. I know there aren’t as many layers of blankets or throw pillows as the Pottery Barn catalog boasts of. This is a very intentional decision we made in order to make this a safe family bed (My husband, myself, and our two children all sleep in this bed). I purchased two sets of king-size sheets and used the topsheets to make these “His, Hers, and Ours” duvets and blankets:Here is how you can make your own duvet cover (or set of covers) from a couple topsheets:

You will need 2 top sheets, 10-12 snaps or buttons, coordinating thread, and a comforter or blanket to tuck inside.

1. If you are making His and Hers blankets (two separate blankets for safe co-sleeping), cut the sheets the desired width of your finished duvet plus one inch seam allowance. If you are making just one duvet cover, disregard and move on to step 2.

2. Cut one of the topsheets 24 inches from the top edge (parallel to the wide decorative hem on the sheet).

3. Flip these two pieces so that the raw edges are at the top and bottom and so that the finished edges (the wide top hem and hem at the foot of the sheet) overlap in the middle. There should be about 8-10 inches of overlap. It may be helpful to pin the pieces together where they overlap.

4. Spread the comforter or blanket that you plan to insert into your duvet on top of the sheet you just cut and arranged. Trim off the edges of your sheet so that it is the same size as the comforter or blanket plus 1 inch seam allowance. Make sure you cut straight lines by cutting parallel to the outside edge of the sheet, not the edge of the blanket or comforter, which may not be laying square. (If you are making His and Hers blankets, per step 1, you will only need to adjust the length at this point.)

5. Do any decorative embroidery at this time (i.e. the His and Hers embroidery on mine).

6. Attach snaps where you have pinned the two pieces of your sheet together. The number of snaps and distance between them depends on the width of your duvet: snaps should be anywhere between 6 and 14 inches apart and evenly spaced across the width of the duvet. If you do not have a snap-setter and/or desire to use buttons instead, sew and cut buttonholes in the large hem that used to be the top of the sheet and attach buttons on the layer below it. This is the top of your duvet.

(Do NOT put the snaps right on the edge of the under layer…you want 8-10 inches of overlap):

7. Cut the other sheet the same size as the top of your duvet. This is the bottom of your duvet.

8. Sew the top and bottom together with right sides together. Sew around all 4 edges with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

9. Turn right-side out through the un-snapped (or un-buttoned) opening.

10. Slip your blanket or comforter inside and snap (or button) closed.

11. I used scraps of the sheets to make fabric rosettes and hot glued them on top of the snaps for a decorative element.


I made the top layer of smaller “Ours” blankets (which designate that the children who use them are “ours” if you haven’t been able to make sense of that label), using parts of the sheet that I trimmed off in steps 4 and 7. They are backed with a soft microfiber fabric.Although I added the decorative rosettes, the smaller blankets are not duvets.-:-

To read more about our family’s decision to co-sleep, click here.

To see my post about building the bed and headboard, click here.

To see the complete Master Bedroom…check back in a couple of weeks 🙂

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