Hello, Blog World!  Amber again.  Last week, I wrote about creating Gender Reveal Party invitations.  This week, let’s explore decorations.  Honestly, the same decorations you would use for any Baby Shower would be great for a gender reveal party – and the nice thing is that you can use the pink AND blue decorations.  However, it was very important to me that all the decorations I used for Alisha’s party had a dual purpose – either as a gift or part of an activity (which we will talk about next week).  I also wanted the theme of the party to be based on the invitations, which featured a clothesline of cute onesies.  So, I started there.

A huge trend right now among crafters seems to be appliqued onesies.  I decided to make some for my future neice/nephew.  I bought plain white onesies, pink and blue fabric, and some heat’n bond and went to town.  This process was actually not too tough, but if you are on a schedule, make sure you give yourself enough time to do the blanket stitching.  I would estimate that it took me about one movie for every three onesies.  This was not without the help of a friend of mine whose visit from out of town unknowingly volunteered her for sewing duty.  (Thanks, Jodi!)  The onesies turned out GREAT and were hung in a prominent position to serve as a background for pink/blue group photos and present opening.

Another way I used the Boy or Girl theme of the invitations was on a sign asking guests to recommend names for the baby.  This served as a decoration as well as an activity for mingling guests.

In the month before the party, I picked up a few baby accessories on clearance racks, which also served as decorations/gifts.  Pink and blue hats kept the theme going…

…..as well as some little mittens….

The last decoration was a poster that played a crucial role in one of the activities.  Again, I will write more in-depth about the activities next week, but this will give you a little sneak peak.

Check back next week for ideas for games and activities to include at your baby gender reveal party.


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  1. Kim @Kims Kandy Kreations says:

    I love the idea of throwing a party for the gender of the baby. It’s such a fun way to celebrate every aspect. I think it’s awesome how you used useful items in the decorating. I LOVE THAT! It keeps you from having a bunch of stuff that you will never use again and allows you to give some cute gifts to the mom-to-be. Those onesies are the cutest ever!

    I’d love it if you would like this project on our new Party themed blog link party here: http://kimskandykreations.blogspot.com/2011/02/shindig-saturday-party-blog-hop.html

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