My name is Amber and, as Alisha’s sister, I was very excited to hear we would soon welcome another neice or nephew to the family!  I had recently been to a gender reveal party of a friend, so when I heard Alisha was expecting I asked her if they would be finding out the gender this time (When Josiah was born, they had opted not to find out, so I wasn’t sure if they would this time). Once I told Alisha how AWESOME a gender reveal party (or sex party, if you prefer) can be, she was very excited to have one.  We set a date and I started planning.  I spent HOURS online searching for information and ideas on gender reveal parties…but because this is a relatively new trend, there really wasn’t much out there.  My goal with this blog entry and those that follow is to provide the information I was unable to find myself.

This entry will focus on the invitations.  I found that it was difficult to word some of the information I wanted to include in the invitation because so many people are unfamiliar with gender reveal parties.  Now, of course, you could easily send out store-bought invitations and be just fine.  But I prefer the handmade type! I feel that the most important aspect of a party is the guests.  So, I wanted the invitations to be unique and…inviting…  I belong to a stamp club that meets once a month and purchased the following roller stamp – a row of hanging onesies.
I wanted to create the invitations around this.  I purchased a package of pre-cut and scored off-white cards.  Then I used a friend’s Cricut to cut all the letters for the words “Boy” and “Girl” and “?”  I don’t remember which font we used, but I think a variety of fonts would work great.  I did use sticky backing paper on many of the letters (until I ran out) and found that this made it a lot easier to stick them to the cards.  If you have never used this before, it is sticker paper that you put on the cardstock before you cut the letters so that they are stickers.  When the letters did not use the sticky backs, I used roller adhesive and it was difficult to get to the smaller parts of the letters.  The front of the card ended up looking like this:

The inside of the card was the most difficult for me.  I felt like I had to include a lot of information because of peoples’ infamiliarity with this type of celebration.  Here is what I ended up with:

In the end, I was very happy with the invitations and continued to use the onesie roller stamp in the rest of the decorations – which you will see in detail next week!


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