When Josiah was an itty bitty thing, there was one designated spot on the floor where where you could find his playmat and one small box of toys:

It wasn’t long before the bottom half of the shelf in our living room also became his:

The place where a sofa table used to stand has become a play area with a huge toybox (stocked with first birthday and Christmas presents).

I made a safety bumper for the coffee table…

…and we constructed a baby gate. When it was first erected, I believed that we would be containing play things in the living room.

Silly me! Little boy things are taking over my house!

In addition to all the playthings in the living room, this stash can be found in the guest bedroom, where I do all my sewing.

And here is a peek into the shower/tub:

And if you have any doubt that someone little lives here, just let me show you the official Cozy Coupe Police Car parking space:


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