The largest bedroom in our house is the basement (garden-level) one. For the past few years, it has served as our guest bedroom:

However, after finishing our bathroom remodel project upstairs…

it feels really lame to have our guests use the one downstairs.

It has holes in the ceiling from the leak we fixed from the bathroom upstairs:

a huge section of tiles missing on the floor:

and the lid to the tank of the toilet doesn’t fit under the goofy shelves that were built on to the wall by the previous owners (the old toilet fit, it wasn’t like they built it this way…but we replaced it with a high efficiency toilet so that we could get the rebate from the water company last year…as it turned out that we got paid to buy new toilets 🙂 )

There is an accordian door which is intended to hide the furnace, but it doesn’t fit properly or stay on the tracks.

The window (which will eventually be replaced with glass block) let A LOT of air in (especially not good for the energy bill when it is in pretty much the same room as the furnace). It is now sealed but ugly (and isn’t it just weird to have a regular window with blinds in the shower?)…

…and the tile and grout are in bad shape, too.

I’ll admit it is pretty amazing what you can do with rugs, towels, a shower curtain, and selective photography

…but in reality, the whole bathroom is just outdated, ugly, and in need of considerable work. We can’t afford to remodel this bathroom right now, and saving up for it won’t be a priority until we have saved up enough money to first replace our 34-year-old furnace. It might be a while. In the meantime, wouldn’t it make more sense to have our guests use the nice, newly remodeled bathroom upstairs?


The second major problem with this room was the practical usability of my sewing corner. Don’t get me wrong, this room offered quite a bit of space, and certainly more than I have ever had before (I sometimes borrowed my mom’s sewing machine in college and had to clear my computer and stuff off the desk in my dorm room in order to use that little bit of space. In our apartment, I used the dining room table and stored my machine in the closet.)

The problem has been storage. In my attempt to get SnugasaBugBaby up and running as a business, I have accumulated  quite a bit of raw materials (I try to stock up on when they are on sale or when I have coupons to use). As I have stated here, a goal I have set for myself in 2011 is to set up a booth at craft shows and make up some etsy product inventory ahead of time. I need a nice, clean place to store all of my materials and finished products. The closet next to the sewing table would have been perfect…but we needed that closet for clothes. (This is related to one of the major problems of the master bedroom upstairs…the closet was so small that one or the other of us used the basement closet.) At first, we kept my husband’s clothes downstairs. This worked well since he works the night shift and didn’t have to wake anyone else up to take off his work uniform and change into his pajamas when he got home in the morning. However, after about a year, we swapped closets so that I used the basement one. (My husband couldn’t grasp the concept when that was his closet that his closet space did not extend into the entire room and it drove me crazy that there were always jeans and sweatshirts draped over the chairs of my sewing table and shoes all over the floor preventing the closet doors from shutting.) This worked better because I had complete control of the closet organization and I did my best to make room for my sewing stuff AND my clothes. But as you can see, it still really did not work so well

It was crammed and disorganized.

I bought this desk forever ago. Remember it from this post? ( It was$20 at an estate sale. It had great deep drawers and an old typewriter cupboard that I knew would be ideal for my serger.)

While in many ways the desk will help with storage space/organization, it would also mean I wouldn’t be able to cram stuff under the table in order to clear off the table top and pretend it was clean and organized.

I already told you that we decided over the Christmas season to move the barnwood table that I had been using for my sewing space upstairs to use as our dining table.

This would have been a perfect time to move the desk in, but since it is so big and heavy and in need of a new paint job I held off until we could decide what we really wanted to do with this room. I sewed all of my Christmas bibs and handmade gifts in this mess using a card table and the glass top dining table.

Long story short, I really needed to figure out a better organization for my sewing space and stuff…either by reworking this space or moving to a new one. Since we had also determined that this was not the best place to house our guests because of the icky bathroom, this became a part of a much bigger reorganization agenda…which I will share more about next week.

So we have said goodbye to our basement guest bedroom and sewing space.


What about YOU? Have you outgrown your craft area, bedroom, or office? Do you need to find new storage and organization solutions?

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  1. BrittanyF. says:

    I’m sad i can’t go on walks with you and talk about babies, housey stuff, and everything random. I need my alisha back!

  2. Alisha says:

    I miss our long walk and talks, too! So does Rodney…I think he is SO TIRED of talking about what furniture should go where and what colors to paint the walls and what fabrics we should use for bedding and curtains and how that will affect the “feel” of the room. I am flattered that my really long, boring, chatty blog post made you miss me 🙂

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