A few days ago, I had a major “coming out” and shared with you all that our son sleeps in our bed…and has since he was a little baby. You can read more about how we came to make this important decision and subsequent decisions we have made to make this a safe and healthy part of our lives in my “How we got our baby to sleep through the night” series…but I bring it up today because it has everything to do with why we have decided we don’t need a fancy-shmancy nursery in our home.

We moved into our new home in October of 2008. Josiah was born the next  month. When we moved in, there was very little else I wanted to do more than prepare a beautiful nursery for my baby. Last year I wrote this post, and this post, and this post all about the nursery: including my babblings about the decorating decisions I made, all the special items that went into the room, and all the personal handmade things I made for it. I have truly, truly LOVED this room. However, as we began to evaluate and discuss our family’s needs and the ways that our other bedrooms were not really working as well for us as they might..it was inevitable that our infrequent and inefficient use of this space would be a part of the discussion.

It isn’t that we haven’t used it…

When Josiah was itty bitty, I actually spent several hours a day in the rocking chair in this room, with the boppy and him on my lap, reading one textbook or another. And of course we’ve used the closet to store all his little clothes, the baby bath, and other baby paraphernalia.

We have used the changing table several times every day, and still do.

And we did kinda, sorta use the crib…every once in a while we would put Josiah in it to play while we did some cleaning in there or went to the bathroom. We used it to store stuffed animals, blankets, and toys.

When we converted it into a toddler bed, it became a fun play space.

And the space under the crib was a great place to store economy size boxes of diapers and wipes.


Another baby is on the way…so we still need a place in our home for a changing table, we still need a closet devoted to kid and baby clothes, and I am pretty sure I want to keep the rocking chair. Babies “require” enough gear (swings, baby seats, playmats, blankets, etc.) to fill the whole house…and fill the whole house they will! The truth of the matter is that the nursery had become a bit of a museum of pretty things that was very rarely and inefficiently used.

In one sense, the nursery was also a way to “keep face” by allowing others to believe that we hadn’t committed the grave sin of bringing our baby to bed with us…but since we have now gone public with that information…no need :). Even if our next child does not like to cuddle up in the bed the same way Josiah has (I have heard that this may be an individual temperament thing rather than a universal bonding tendency), it is still recommended by pretty much every doctor I have heard of that infants should sleep in the same room as their parents to reduce the risk of SIDS (this has become the universal practice in the baby wards of hospitals…). Our daughter will sleep in our room–either in our bed or a bassinet–for the first year of her life until this risk is reduced. If, at the end of the year, we decide to re-evaluate our arrangement and find another place for her to sleep, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Although it has been a bit painful to say goodbye to what was very probably my favorite room in the house, I am excited about the possibilities that have opened up when we consider other ways to use this space.

What about YOU? Have you identified any wasted spaces in your home? Are you tempted, like I am, to create beautiful spaces instead of usable ones?


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  1. the cape on the corner says:

    congrats on baby number 2. no bedrooms not meeting my needs, but the office isn’t. we set up a whole computer room when we got our house…but both of us now have laptops and sit in the living room. the computer room/office is a junk room. i hate that!

  2. Alisha says:

    That’s the exact sort of thing I am talking about! I think we all do it. Any new plans for what you can do with your office space?

    Thanks for visiting!

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