Yup, the frosting in our cupcakes was PINK!

The gender reveal party my sister threw was perfect.

There was chocolate….

…and lots to dip in it…

…and fun games…

…which included more chocolate :)…

My favorite part was very probably the cute decorations…

…lots of pink and blue touches of itty bitty cuteness everywhere (see the little hats below? And did you catch the little mittens holding the fondue dipping skewers in the earlier photo?)

…just look at all that hand-sewn love!…

Our friends wore pink or blue to express their “vote” …

The vote was a tie.

The wives tales, however, suggested there would be more BLUE in our future:

But the cupcakes held the secret…


You’d better believe you’ll be seeing ruffles and bows around here.

Josiah will now respond “baby” when I ask him what is in mommy’s tummy. (Although if you ask him where the baby is he is most likely to point to a baby picture of himself on the wall or simply tell us to “stop it.”)

Then we started with all this pink and blue brother and sister talk, and he has no clue what to think of it all.

But he liked the cupcakes.

After everyone else had already bitten in and discovered the tasty pink secret, my little man was still trying to figure out how he might possibly eat this cupcake without getting his fingers dirty…

He figured it out.

If you are expecting, and have a fabulous sister like mine (or a good friend), I HIGHLY recommend finding out the gender of your child with cupcakes, a party, and friends.


My sister said there was very little information and ideas available for gender reveal party planning out there on the web. Since her party is the talk of the town around here, I voted her the gender reveal party expert. She has agreed to share her discoveries, suggestions, games, and ideas.

Click on the following links for tips on throwing your own fabulous gender reveal party!

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Click here for food ideas for your baby gender reveal party.

Click here for a showcase of the great parties that other people have thrown!

Need some gift ideas for a gender reveal party? Click here to visit my SnugasaBugBaby etsy shop.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    What a fabulous party! I’m so glad you’re having a girl – Josiah will love his little sister to pieces! And I just can’t wait to see all the things you make for her. I think there are a lot of tutorial posts in your future along with etsy products to sell!

  2. Alisha says:

    Kim…thanks for sharing! I visited your site and checked out the great party you threw, too….Will definitely share! And congrats on your little boy!

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