I am pleased to announce that the kids’ room slash guestroom is now blue!

And the closet is also freshly painted white!

I knew we already had some “before” pictures from when we first bought the house…but I didn’t realize until now how blurry they were. Oh well, they’ll have to do:

What a difference a great new coat of paint can make!

To be fair, though, it wasn’t JUST a coat of paint. First we (the hubby) scraped the old popcorn texture off the ceiling.

This isn’t a difficult thing to do…if you wet it down (i.e. spray it with a squirt bottle), it comes right off. But it is messy!

This area where the ceiling drops down used to be textured and left white (the same as the ceiling).

We decided to consider it as wall instead. I am glad we did…I think it fools the eye into thinking the room is a bit taller. What do you think?

Anyway, after getting rid of the old ceiling texture, we re-textured the entire room with our spray texture hopper. We were happy to discover with a bit of experimenting that we could cover over the old wall texture without having to smooth it first. A HUGE time-saver. We did learn that we could have saved even more time by doing all the texturing at once (I was convinced that there would be too much overspray in the corners between the more aggressive ceiling texture and the texture on the wall, so we did it one at a time and taped off the wall with masking paper when doing the ceiling.) As it turned out, the upper walls could actually benefit from more texture.

We also discovered a new method for acquiring straight lines when painting around existing baseboards, door casing, and windowsills! I usually go slowly and “draw” such lines by hand because tape lines always seem to bleed. So that is what I intended to do with this project. I don’t know if it was leaning over the belly, or the carpal tunnel in my hands, or something else…but I could NOT get a straight line this time. So, I pulled out a tip that I had stored up in the mental reserves from some blog-hopping I had done a while back…

I remembered reading some tips from Brooke @ All Things Thrifty several months ago. She used painters tape when making her “stencils” for this wall mural and suggested running a bit of paintable caulk around the edges of it to prevent bleeding. She just ran a bit of caulk around the edges of the tape, let the caulk dry, and then painted over it.

I also remember reading somewhere that you should pull off the tape while the paint is still wet (although I don’t remember where, so I can’t give credit…sorry). I thought I could try this, too.

When I mentioned my intention to try this at a Bible Study gathering the night before, my friend Abbie said that her and her husband used the paintable caulk/painters tape combo on a crown project that they had done. She said the trick was NOT letting the caulk dry. Although the above blog post had said the opposite, the wet caulk made more sense to me…I was worried that the caulk on the wall would peel up with the tape when I pulled it off since caulk actually peels up rather easily when you get under one edge of it.

SO…first I taped everything up. Then I went around the room one wall or door at a time. I ran a thin smear of paintable caulk on the edge of the tape with my finger.

Then I painted the trim (in order to get below the carpet line, I pulled the carpet back with a putty knife and went one putty-knife length at a time with the white trim paint).

While the paint and caulk were still wet, I peeled the tape off.

I was VERY PLEASED with the results and intend to employ this method again in the future.

It worked great around the door casings, too.

There are a lot of steps, and I am not going to say it is not time consuming, but I successfully completed the room in one nap-time. Can’t argue with that 🙂

I am thoroughly enjoying my new blue canvas…and am excited to get to decorating it soon!


Although it appears to be just the beginning…this project is only one of several steps in our Big Bedroom Swap Around!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Looks great Lish! I love the clean lines – my paint jobs never look that good. I’ll have to follow your steps next time I’m painting a room!

  2. sharon says:

    thanks for the tips! love the blue. Can you tell me what paint brand and color that is please?

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