A few weeks ago, when I shared how we made our own baby gate, I told you that there were a couple of changes we made to our home for the Christmas season that are here to stay (but then went on to share only one). The first more permanent change we made during the Christmas season was taking down the baby gate. The second was trading out our four-seat glass-top dining table for the larger barn wood one that was previously my craft table.

Remember seeing it here?

Although the table is the proper size for six chairs, the set of wooden chairs we have to go with it (not an original match or anything) is only a set of four. NO PROBLEM, I thought…I have been wanting a table with a bench.

I snapped a picture of this table

and this one

for my “dream house” file while “shopping” at Crate and Barrel about a year ago.

I also recently found this one, from the Pottery Barn, online.

Those tables have pretty steep price tags….but everything I needed to assemble mine was already in my home!!!!!!! Gotta love that!

Yup, we had the perfect bench!

All of these items (the table, the set of chairs, and the bench) came from Grammy Sammy. I have mentioned before that much (most) of our furniture was acquired when she downsized to a smaller home within a few months of our buying our first home.

This bench was something she found at an antique store. When she saw that it had the name Rodney carved into it, she said she had to have it, because it was just something Rodney (my husband, her son) would do. I think it is somewhat comical that he probably would have gotten in trouble for carving his name on a bench…but having someone else’s Rodney do it just made it more valuable 🙂

For the past couple of years, the bench has served as a coffee table/footrest of sorts in our Den.

Now it serves us well in the dining room 🙂

The table was well utilized for the several Christmas parties we hosted. Usually it served as more of a buffet table from which to serve food…

…but we did have 8 adults and 2 toddlers seated around it for a Christmas dinner one night as well. I intentionally took some pictures to prove it…but I seem to have deleted them from the camera before ever copying them to the computer. Bummer.

We are enjoying our bigger table, although I admit finding tablecloths that fit has been a challenge. For the gender reveal party we used a sheet when we realized less than two hours before people were to arrive that the one we had purchased for it was too small.

I’ll get one made eventually. Right now we are using an ugly teal outdoor picnic tablecloth I bought on summer clearance last fall. I never intended to decorate my dining room with it, but it is serving its purpose well until I find what I need to make one I really love.

Q: Why not leave it un-tableclothed?

A: The barnwood table top has lots of grooves and holes which give it character…they also collect little pieces of food and grime. Toddler + barnwood tabletop = mess.


I am thoroughly enjoying our bigger dining room table…

…and its price tag!

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  1. Rachael says:

    Love the table! I’m planning on doing this same thing as soon as I can convince my husband to build me a bench. Wish me luck! Yours is beautiful.

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