I am excited to announce that my Black and White Damask Playmat Purse was included in this beautiful etsy treasury!!


CLICK HERE to view the live treasury and to explore each of its featured products further!


Keri Bass, of TooCuteCustomCreations, said she created it out of the idea that color can make you smile! I couldn’t agree more…remember my post “A Silver Lining of Happy Colors” ?

Ironically, I feel this treasury also captures the feel of crayons, caterpillars, and ABC’s that I was talking about just this week when I shared my plan for our new kids’ room/guestroom.


  1. Keri Bass says:

    Oh my gosh – you put my treasury on your blog… how fun is that!!! This was the first one I had ever made. I can see how this might become addicting?! Really love your bag!! Glad you like this group!

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