Alright, the promised week when I talk about our decision to bring our baby to bed with us…

…and sex.

Honestly, this wasn’t a major factor in our decision. In fact, it wasn’t a factor for us at all. But it seems to be a major consideration of those who decide against. A woman in one of my classes once told me she would NEVER consider having let her children sleep in her bed because her marriage was too important to her and (I quote), “the marriage bed is sacred.”

For the record, questions about co-sleeping and sex do not usually come up with old ladies in line at the grocery store who ask the light-hearted question about how my baby is sleeping at night. Other than the above instance with a woman in one of my classes (and to be fair, I knew her fairly well from a 3-week study abroad course we took in Israel), it has come up only among a few close friends who truly care and/or genuinely wonder.

I find it entirely unnecessary to go into details here. Let it suffice to say:

1. Your bed is not the only place.

2. Night is not the only time.


3. Ya figure it out.

There are all sorts of different sleep situations that couples are forced to overcome…like when one or the other partner works the night shift (something that also affects our family). Or travels a great deal for work. Or has to sleep hooked up to a machine. Or has other health issues, illnesses, or handicaps that affect how one sleeps at night. None of these people are criticized for wrongly prioritizing their sex lives or their marriages.

Having children sleep in your bed in their early childhood years is simply NOT the end of the world…nor need it be the end of your sex lives.


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