I love this picture of my little monkey…with that adorable two toothed smile. That was taken about a year and a half ago. But he still uses his monkey towel after every bath!Last Christmas, I made Josiah and his cousins matching PJs and superhero capes. The Christmas before, I sent monkey towels…About six¬† months later, when Kaitlyn and Cohen’s baby sister arrived, I sent her one, too:But in miniature…a smaller square with a hood in one corner like most commercial baby towels.

They are really quite simple to make…let me show you how!

For each of the bigger kids’ version, you need one full size towel plus a piece like this cut out along the edge of another one:

The pieces I made for the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears look like this: Adhere the mouth to the tan face piece with heat ‘n bond, and then sew around the edge with a satin, zigzag, or other decorative stitch. Then attach that and the eyes to the hood with heat ‘n bond and sew around those as well. I widened the stitch around where the nose would be at the top of the tan face piece by gradually changing the width of the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine.

Next, fold the hood in half (with face pieces folded on the inside) and sew the curved edge together. This is the back of the hood. I stuck a few pieces of embroidery thread in at the top of the curve when sewing along for a little tuft of monkey hair.

The ears are the trickiest part. For each ear you need two of the terry cloth pieces (cut out of scraps of the towel you cut the hood piece from) and one of the tan inner ear pieces. Attach the tan piece to one of the brown terry cloth pieces with heat ‘n bond and decorative stitching. Then sew the two brown pieces together, with the right sides together, along the outside curve of the ear…but leave the bottom open to turn it right side out. Turn it right side out and determine where it looks good on the monkeys face. Then you sort of pinch it from the inside of the hood, fold the hood around it and sew it together where you pinched. I used a straight stitch first, made sure the placement was good and that I had actually caught the entire bottom edge of the ear, and then reinforced it with a zigzag stitch once I knew everything was just as I wanted it. This is a lot of thick terry cloth to sew through, but it makes the ear stick out in a fun way.

For the baby version, I made all of the face pieces a bit smaller. The hood is just a triangle of terry cloth that is lined up and attached to one of the corners of the square piece of towel. Since not all four edges of the square towel could be cut along a finished edge of the original towel, I made a bias-tape type binding to go around the outer edge.

Sorry there aren’t more pictures documenting the process. I hope the instructions make sense…but let me know if you have any questions!


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