I love new beginnings. Every year I get another shot at doing all I set out to do last year. While not much has really changed, today everything is new. In fact, I think this is why God gave us mornings as well. Every twenty-four hours we all get a new beginning. A fresh start. Renewed energy. It is freeing… like a new journal. I feel such excitement at the prospect of cracking open a new journal…you know when you have to crease the binding for the first time so that the book will stay open. There is just something special about it. It’s not like I am just “turning a page” or “starting a new chapter,” it is like I get a chance to write a whole new story!

But the thing I don’t like about new beginnings (and it’s a pretty big one!) is the part where you have to start. Like this blog. I picked out and purchased this domain name back in October. But I just can’t seem to muster up the oomph to get it going. But since today is a day of new beginnings, I decided I might as well just start. I wish I had something great to share. Something worthy of a “Grand Opening”…but I don’t. So I figured I’d better just start somewhere. Here it goes.

My name is Alisha. I have a wonderful husband and an amazing 13-month old little boy. He took his first steps a few days ago. I feel like we are both living our lives in baby steps right now. You see, I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. But I am finding my way a little at a time. I love to create things. I find great joy in taking something that isn’t much to begin with and turning it into something beautiful. Even more if it is something beautiful AND practical! And so with a bit of dreaming and the encouragement of a great deal of people around me, I decided to create this site to share some of my creations with you. This is baby step one. (Baby steps 2-10 will probably be figuring out how to replace the pictures above of people I don’t know, buildings I have never seen, and some rather beautiful trees with a few pictures that actually mean something to me.)

I guess I don’t really know what this blog will be. I’ll probably share some tips I’ve come across and share some mistakes I’ve made in the hope that you won’t need to make the same ones. I’ll probably include pictures and some personal musings about motherhood. We’ll talk about diapers and breastmilk and sleeping (or not sleeping). We’ll cover milestones, share challenges, and explore the myriad of blessings that come with being a mom.  I do hope it will be a conversation and I pray you will join me in the journey. Happy New Year!

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