I tried to buy a new bottle of baby powder today. And was confronted with a decision: did I want original or the bottle that boasted of containing pure cornstarch?

Wanting to make the best decision for the sake of my baby’s bottom, I decided to hold off and do a bit of research on the advantages of cornstarch. The variety of uses for this miracle powder are amazing. This stuff is NOT just for thickening gravies!

There are many websites with many tips, but perhaps the most exhaustive lists were from Blessingsforlife.com and Hodgson Mill.

Here are a few things I intend to try:

Removing grease stains: I’ve got plenty of toddler-size grease smudges on my clothes that were left behind by stain removers and laundry detergent. Corn starch may be just the trick!

Washing hair: Personal hygeine (aka showers) can be difficult with kids. But a little cornstarch in the hair can soak up excess oil and then be brushed away! (And you can do the same with pets, kids, and stuffed animals!)

Cleaning a Deck of Cards: Shake cards and cornstarch in a baggie and then dust off the cards. No need to break in a new deck when the perfectly shuffle-able old ones can be revived!

Finger Paint: Dissolve 1/4 cup cornstarch into 2 cups of cold water, boil until thick, separate into different cups, and color with food coloring. I may just have to strip Josiah down to his diaper, spread a roll of paper out on the floor, and have some fun before bathtime one of these days. Since the cornstarch is actually good for the skin and recommended for a bath soak, all that is smeared all over his chubby little body can perform double duty!

This miracle powder can even be used to patch plaster walls and kill cockroaches!

And about my baby’s bottom: I found that cornstarch absorbs more moisture to soothe diaper rash, but that it should be applied sparingly because it tends to clump up.

I dug the box of cornstarch out from the back of my baking cupboard and dumped it into my nearly empty baby powder bottle. I’ll let you know how it goes. When I buy a replacement box, I may just have to get one for every room in the house!

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