Time for a Tuesday Tour.

This is my favorite wall in my house:

The pictures were all taken in Thailand. My husband and I lived there for most of 2007. And most of 2006 was spent planning and recruiting teams to join us. We were married in December of 2005, and spending those first couple of years of our marriage with our hearts wrapped around the people of Thailand has significantly shaped our lives. We spent most of our time there living and working with the Moken people. When we first met them in December of 2006, their living conditions were run down, crowded, and dirty.

We helped them build a new village on a nearby island:

I pray we were able to bless their lives through our interaction with them. They’ve changed mine in a crazy huge way. The kids…oh, the kids:

I first assembled this photo collage a couple months after our return when we moved into, furnished, and decorated our first apartment together:

It is supposed to look kind of random, like we just sort of got a hammer and some nails and threw up a conglomeration of pictures. So I won’t tell you how many days I spent collecting frames, how many hours I spent rearranging them on the floor, or how long it took me to pick out the perfect assortment of pictures. Nor will I show you the word documents I created by arranging a variety of textboxes, filling in the frame colors, and inserting different pictures, until I knew which ones should go in which frames.

I could look at the photos for hours. I can’t believe Goh-Mein (the boy in the big picture) would now be three years older! Every photo and each word has its own story. Ones I’d love to share with you. But that is another day. Another post.

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