This is my sewing space.

It is in the guest bedroom.

If you look to the right when you walk in, you see this:

But if you look to the left, this:

But, let’s be honest, it tends to look more like this:

The mess The project just takes over the whole room.

In an effort to find a place for some of my sewing stuff, which currently get’s pushed all over the room and shoved in every corner, I got this desk.

I found her at an estate sale for $20. She is really heavy and great quality. I thought the drawer space would be useful. But what really sold me was this:

You see, the drawers on the left aren’t drawers at all. It’s a cupboard. With a shelf:

And it pops up like this:

Before I brought her home, I designated this as my serger spot. Since I don’t use my serger as often as my regular sewing machine, I can leave it tucked away–protected from dust (and little fingers who like to twist the knobs). But also ready to be used at any moment…it just takes opening the cupboard and popping the desk extension up.

So it is sitting in the garage. Awaiting a make-over. But I can’t decide what the new look shall be. Should she be a nice deep red? …pale yellow? …clean crisp white? …robin’s egg blue?

Should she get new knobs? …a shelf unit to sit on top? …a cupboard? …

This is in the ideas stage. So, please…share some!

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