Several months ago, I introduced you to my Original Playmat Purse, which is blue. A couple of days ago, I showed you the Blue Cocoa Playmat Purse, which is also blue. The Black and White Playmat Purse can be gender neutral or gender specific, depending on the bubble dots (minky) fabric you choose for the playmat surface.

But today…it is all about the pink. The Sugarplum Fairies Playmat Purse is designed specifically for your baby girl. Just look at all that beautiful…bright…girly… pinkness…

As always, you can find out more about the Playmat Purse here.

Basically, it is a playmat:…that is also a purse.

It gets your baby’s toys from point A to point B and also provides them a soft clean place to play when you get where you are going. Simply spread it out to play…then a snap and a pull and you are on your way again.

Get your own Sugarplum Fairies Playmat Purse at my etsy store.

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