Until having a kid, I had no idea that there were SO MANY choices of sippy cups!! It’s a bit intimidating, really.

Let me tell you what I have learned…a bit of an unsolicited product review.

Here are the two kinds of sippy cups we currently own:

The one on the left is a Gerber Graduates 6 oz. cup. This is what I picked out the first time I stood overwhelmed in the sippy cup aisle when Josiah was about 10-months-old. No real reason, just sorta picked one.

The one on the right is a Playtex Insulator 9 oz. cup. We got these when Josiah was about 15-months-old and we felt the need to expand our inventory. This time the decision was slightly more educated, I liked that they were insulated so his milk would stay colder longer.  (Gerber probably has an insulated cup, too, but I saw this one first…and I think the design is cute). I am glad I went with a different brand this time, I will probably never go back.

Each brand has different sizes and different shaped spouts. Gerber moves from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. Playtex moves from Stage 1 to Stage 2 to Stage 3. (I think the only difference is that there are more holes in the spout so the drink flows faster as they get older. Also, the Beginner/Stage 1 cups have soft, squishy spouts…Josiah liked this feature when he started teething). The ones we have are not directly comparable cups, since the Gerber one is a Beginner size, and the Playtex one is a Stage 3. Still, I am pretty sure each company uses the same spill proof mechanisms for all sizes. This is what they look like…again, the Gerber lid is on the left and the Playtex one is on the right:

And here they are with the spill-proof thingy attached:

First off, I must give both companies credit for inventing a way to keep cups from dripping when held upside down! Fabulous!

However, Playtex has taken the cake for performance in this respect.

Josiah created a method whereby we could test the quality of his sippy cups. It is very scientific. I call it the drop test. When dropped/thrown from the high chair (or grocery cart or car seat or…), the Gerber spill-proof insert comes out. The Playtex spill-proof insert does not. Major points for Playtex!!!

Here is another complaint I have about our Gerber Sippy Cups (another point for Playtex):

Look closely, do you see the ring of nasty food residue from the dishwasher that gets caught all around the cup where the blue base meets the clear cup? The inside of the cup is clean….but it just looks gross. The handle of the Gerber Sippy Cup does snap off of the cup:

But it is kind of a pain to pull it a part and even more of a pain to snap the two pieces back together. The Playtex Stage 1 Sippy Cups (which directly correspond to the Gerber Graduate’s Beginner Sippy Cup) have the handles attached to the lid and leave no little gap to collect the nastiness from your dishwasher. Here they are side-by-side at the store:

(Notice the prices are even the same). Next time, Playtex will get my $7.19.

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