My Selah Mae is already ONE MONTH OLD!! Can you believe it? She has already gained about a pound (at last Friday’s Dr. visit she weighed in at 7 lbs. 6 oz.), which puts her at about Josiah’s birthweight at one month (7 lbs 11 oz). I am secretly–OK not so secretly, now–glad that she was over a pound smaller than Josiah because she gets to feel like a newborn in my arms for just that much longer.

I have decided to try to do something like this:

This photo collage is something I discovered through my friend Lindsay’s blog which she found on “Young House Love.” When I see the arrangement of photos, my brain instantly thinks “quilt”. My thought is that it would be fun to take pictures like this (But with monthly rather than weekly photos…I am not that ambitious or super-mom-ish)…then I’ll set aside a special stack of fabrics to make a quilt for Selah some time down the road.

Believe it or not, this little lady’s stocked-full closet of hand-me-downs and gifts does not offer much of a selection in the way of white onesies…so I decided we might as well take this opportunity to showcase other cute clothes in these monthly photos instead. So here she is at one month…

Pretty in pink 🙂


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