You may remember back to January when I introduced our bathroom remodel project.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t, it was only about 9 MONTHS AGO!!

It seems that bloggers like to redo rooms…and I always look forward to checking out the big “reveal” posts with before and after pictures when they do.

Usually they say silly things along the lines of

“doing this project was so much fun”

“everything just came together so wonderfully”

or “it was really very simple”

Sometimes they even say things that are just plain ridiculous like “I can’t wait for my next big project”

or “I’d do it all over again.”

You won’t hear any of those things from me.

You see, I am very excited for my big bathroom reveal…

…but mostly I am just relieved.

We knew this was going to be a big project. But it was bigger.

There were tears. arguments. frustration. disappointment. frustration. stress. deliberation. trial and error. frustration. wasted time. and stress.

We had major issues with the toilet (which you can read about here)

And a few set backs with the vanity (which you can read about here).

Not to mention the all the “snags” and “snafoos” (as my husband likes to call them) that arose pretty much every step of the way.

But we can put all that behind us now. It is finished!!!!! [Well, finished enough…it still needs to be decorated…and I guess I’ll just have to have another big “reveal” when I get that done 🙂 But not now. We are taking a bathroom break (not to be confused with a potty break). The walls will be decorated when I get the inspiration and find the right things on clearance racks and garage sale bins.]

When it comes right down to it, I know that much of the stress if this project begins and ends with this mama’s indecision and perfectionism.

I agonized over the decision between bronze, chrome, or brushed nickel faucets (and whether my preferences were legitimate given the price differences).

…and also over whether to keep the old tub and repair the chips, or shell out the cash for a new one (we kept the old one and spent $6-7 on some porcafix, which worked great).

Who knew there were so many different exhaust fans to choose from with different noise and power ratings? I studied all the charts, but in the end I went with this one ‘cuz it was prettiest.

We spent weeks trying to decide what our floor tile should look like (thanks to everyone who cast their vote in this post!).

I picked up about a hundred paint sample cards before determining how to paint the walls (Olivewood by Glidden)…

…and I looked at about  a thousand vanities before deciding on this one.

But, if I do say so myself, it turned out fabulous! Every bit as good as the pictures I had in my head. (I’ll share more about the process next week, so stay tuned!)

Only a few decisions were easy…

like when we discovered that there were four glass light globes that all matched on the clearance shelf…AND I really liked them!

And when we found these soap dishes at the Extras Warehouse

…which I knew would make a beautiful towel rack and TP spinner.

I am very proud of my husband for learning so many new things in order to accomplish this project.

Like installing a glass block window,


and texturing (which isn’t actually what he is doing in this pic, he is priming in preparation for texturing)…

He also learned how to lay tile,

and “do” grout,

I also admire and appreciate his ingenuity with a few “special circumstances:” like inventing new methods of plumbing when the existing pipes were designed to be hooked up several inches to the right of where I wanted the vanity.

…and hanging a mirror with no hooks or brackets.

He did a great job researching air nail guns and finishing tools in order to put up baseboards,

door framing,

and what I call mini-crown (but is probably intended for some other purpose and called something else??)

Thanks to internet tutorials and my dad for helping him become an accomplished “do-it-yourself”er!

Thanks also to my dad for helping discover the leak which prompted the whole project and cleaning up the mold which it left behind.

What would I do without these fabulous men in my life? (I probably wouldn’t be able to shower!)

Writing this post has made me realize that somewhere amidst the frustration and stress, this project was kinda sorta a little bit fun.

And I do think that everything came together wonderfully.

I’ll even be a bit ridiculous and admit that I am already excited for our next big project…

However, I will NOT go as far as to say I would do it all over again. I’d really rather not.

Here is a quick recap:





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  1. Jane Stanford Boozer says:

    I noticed the shelves in the corner of your shower…we have just had out shower tiled and they didn’t add shelves…Did you have to add the shelves as your were tiling or can you go back after tiling and add the corner shelves…


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