This is the new changing table dresser that has finally made its debut in the kids’ room:This is what it looked like when I picked it up off the side of the road (it had been set out with the trash):I should have taken some close-ups to prove it, but I didn’t, so you’ll just have to take my word for it….The paint job was REALLY bad. Someone had clearly smeared on one thick coat of pink paint and it was all gooped up around the knobs which had not been removed prior to painting.As we got to stripping, we discovered that underneath that pink paint was some white paint, and then some more pink paint, and then some yellow paint, and then some blue paint…And then, finally, we reached wood:Stripping all those layers off was a pretty big job.And a messy one.This was toward the end of my pregnancy, and I was plagued with carpal tunnel…so the hubby did most of this for me. Really worked out pretty well for me 🙂 Also because of my pregnancy, I chose the “greener”(orange) paint stripper, Citristrip, that doesn’t emit harmful odors. Censational girl actually did a side-by0-side experiment with this and another old school stripper and determined that Citristrip performs better.

This is what the dresser looked like after all of that stripping, and a once over with the power washer.And here is what it looked like after a good sanding and new knobs:That is how the dresser sat in the kids room for the first few months of Selah’s life…with a changing mat sitting on top. I just wasn’t sure how I wanted to paint it, and felt the pressure to get it moved in and operational (this was about a week before Selah was born….prime “nesting” stage). The wait proved helpful, as I decided I really wanted a topper to hold the changing mat in place (it is a bit wider than the top of the dresser), and also a place to set the wipes. Here is what I came up with. Thanks to the hubby for whipping it together with scraps of wood we had on hand!Today, our changing table dresser looks like this:Red knobs which match the red beds, yellow drawers, and a blue body…Even the insides of the drawers got a few coats of paint (I wouldn’t typically worry about this part of a piece of furniture, but since they had been painted before, they really needed it):When we no longer need the changing table top, it will look like this:The blue paint was an “oops paint” I picked up for $5 a while ago. It is actually an outdoor paint, so I was thinking tool-shed when I picked it up…there is still plenty left if that is what we decide to do to the tool shed, too. The yellow paint is was another thing I picked up when one of our neighbors had set it out on the driveway with a “FREE” sign attached to it. And the red paint is the same red as I used when I painted the red beds. The white paint I used for the drawers was leftover from painting our closet shelves, the glaze is the same stuff I used when refinishing the dresser for our master bedroom, and the primer came from the big bucket we bought when painting the kids’ bedroom blue. The most expensive part of this dresser rehab project, then, was the two jugs of Citristrip. Still, depending on how you calculate the cost of partial cans of paint, the total project probably cost somewhere between $25-$35. Not bad….it certainly fits my price range 🙂
I am pretty pleased. I’ll admit that when I first saw the yellow glazed paint moved into the bedroom I pretty much hated it. I thought it looked too much like baby poop and not enough like the “vintagey” primary color I was going for. But it has grown on me. It would probably look better with some other color of pad on the changing mat…but green is what I have…so I think I am just gonna stick with it.

What do you think?

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This project is one of several I am working on as a part of our “Big Bedroom Swap Around” (never-ending) Project. To see more related posts, click here.

Come back next week to check out the coordinating toybox.


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  1. Kate says:

    This type of project is high on my to-do list. Thanks for the tip about the Citristrip. I’ll have to give it a try.

    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Miranda says:

    I absolutely LOVE this!! I stumbled onto it while googling a way to get paint off of a changing table I just bought! I found it on craigs list and it looks like the one i was gonna pay $100 dollars for, and i found it on craigs list for $15. The drawback? It was painted white with i dont know how many coats. When we went o pick it up it also had light blue paint. Our plan is to get all the paint off and hopefully stain it to match the crib. Im due in october btw ; ) your dresser/changing table is stunning!!! I cant wait to get some citristip and get started!!!

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