This Playmat Purse coordinates with the SnugasaBugBaby Diaper Bag in Bubble Gum and Brown.

For more information about the inspiration behind it, check out my post on The Original Playmat Purse.

Here is the condensed version…it is a playmat:

That is also a purse:

That is, a purse:

That is also a playmat:

The Playmat Purse is a great way to carry along toys for your baby or toddler. When you get where you are going, it provides a soft, clean place to play. When you are ready to go, simply snap it back together, pull the straps back through the casing, and throw it over your shoulder (shown here along with SnugasaBugBaby Diaper Bag in Bubble Gum and Brown):

It is a full load, I know…and don’t forget you’ll have the baby on the other hip. But at least it is well coordinated and cute: much better than the mismatched totes and plastic grocery sacks you’d end up using to tote all your baby gear otherwise!

Click here to get the low down on the SnugasaBugBaby Diaper Bag in Bubble Gum and Brown.

Get your own Playmat Purse in Bubble Gum and Brown at my etsy store.

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