I think I have known that I would adopt since the time I first thought about having babies. My parents started doing foster care when I was in high school, and this cemented my calling. Making known the need for foster and adoptive families became my soap-box throughout my college years. I found and created ways to volunteer with in the foster care system. Every speech I gave or paper I wrote in college was about abuse, neglect, child development, attachment, foster care, adoption, family systems, or some related topic. I held three local titles in Nebraska through the Miss America Program while in college and promoted the platform “Fostering Good Futures” with each reign.

My husband knew this about me long before asking me on our first date. And the calling became his own when we served as camp counselors at a camp for foster children the first summer after we were married.

While we do not deny that God may alter these plans, my husband and I both feel that Josiah (our first biological son) will always be our oldest. Josiah will be 22 months old in a couple of days. It just hit me the other day that it is very likely that one if his future siblings is already out there somewhere.

Somewhere out there is a baby, that will some day be our baby.

And I pray for him today.

I pray for his parents. Someday, for whatever reason (incarceration, drugs, abuse, neglect, death) they will be unable to care for their child. Today, I pray that they are given strength, rest, security, and whatever else they need. And I pray that their hearts are filled to overflowing with love for their beautiful baby.

I pray for my baby.

I pray that she will know that she is sooo loved. By God, who knows her intimately, and by me, who doesn’t yet know her at all.

I pray for my baby.

I pray that he is cared for. Whether alone and scared, cold or hungry that he would be wrapped up in the arms of Christ and comforted in all the ways he doesn’t know he needs it.

I pray for my baby.

Right now she’s with another mommy and he is cradled in other arms. But someday he’ll be my baby, and in a sense she already is.

So, today I pray.

And I’ll pray tomorrow, too.

And the next day, here I’ll be…praying for my baby.

Someday I will meet him.

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