This cute little Halloween outfit was an ebay purchase that Grammy Sammy sent for Miss Selah:
According to the tag, it is the same size as most of the other items in Selah’s closet…but the first time she wore it, it was apparent that the pant legs were much too short:
So I cut those short pant legs off, dug through my scrap stash for a few scraps of orange knit (once upon a time my husband had a t-shirt this color…but it has since been used for this project, and then this one, and now this one!). Instead of a Candy Corn romper, Selah now has a Candy Corn dress đŸ™‚ …I am pleased. (Both with the dress and the fact that I think my little lady likes the camera….she is shaping up to be the perfect little model for future sewing endeavors :))

The outfit is even cuter with the little leaf bow I made the other day…but I don’t have any pictures to share, yet. Maybe those will come later…when I post the pics I took of my punkin IN a pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!


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