As I shared the other day, my baby girl is now one year old….and I was hoping to have a big ‘ol birthday bash to celebrate. Originally, I thought I’d be making her a princess tutu. I had actually purchased an assortment of teal and green tulle a while back (when shopping for her teal flower girl dress…thinking I could use the same hair bow and shoes that she wore for the wedding). But that tulle was packed in some really smart place when we moved: because although I dug through every sewing room box I have, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

So I came up with a new plan. I started in her closet, and decided on this dress… …because it looks perfectly adorable with her boots and I knew I had some green gingham fabric in my stash (leftover from this project) that went with the little bows and bloomers and also a bolt of a faded red fabric that I could use for the table cloth…
So, instead of a tutu and onesie…I whipped up this little hat and bib (which took far less time than I spent looking for the tulle I never found…). I also made some corn-hole bags to use with the game we found in our pole barn.(they also turned out to be quite useful in holding up the O N E letters long enough to snap some pictures…though the wind did still win that battle in the long run.)Since this was actually a combined birthday bash (Selah’s birthday was the 9th, my brother’s birthday was the 10th and mine was the 11th) we had 3 treats…cupcakes made with this recipe and strawberry rhubarb cheesecake filling for Selah Mae, “Better than Sex” cake for Ben (chocolate cake with sweetened condensed milk and caramel poured down into it…pure deliciousness), and rice krispie treats for me.We grilled up some burgers and brats for lunch.…right at about the same time a couple of delivery trucks pulled in to delivery some cows……not just anyone has cows show up for her first birthday party!It turned out to be some enjoyable entertainment for all of us city folk turned ranchers 🙂After that…and a bit of play time……we all gathered round for the cake smashing 🙂She was a pro.But quite dainty about it in the end…she didn’t make much of a mess at all. After some creeking, though, she had collected enough sand in her diaper to warrant the bath I had intended for after the cake smashing.…in true country fashion 🙂(which I really think I’ll be doing again…it was the perfect size to prevent tipping over…and o so cute!)A beautiful day. A beautiful girl. A perfectly wonderful celebration.Positively Splendid

  1. lisa says:

    How adorable! She’s so cute eating her bday cake! I love that you had cows come in right in the middle. Definitely a memory to tell her when she’s older!

  2. Kaylee says:

    Oh, Alisha – Such a cute post! She looks like she just had a blast. And let me tell you….I would have loved to have been there when COWS were being delivered! That would have been a riot! The bath time photos were adorable as well.

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