There is a “Sew-vivor” Sewing Competition going on at Family Ever After.

Not only are there tons of great prizes, but competing in it would be a great chance to get some major blog-world publicity…and I just think it sounds like a TON of fun.

So I am going to audition. (Auditions are accepted through the month of February, the top 10 are announced in March, and then a 4 week competition takes place in April with contestants being eliminated each week until a winner is determined. You can find out LOTS more details (about prizes, the rules, the weekly challenges, the judges, a link list of people auditioning so far, etc., etc., etc.) here. There is only a slim chance I’ll even make the top 10: but, of course, I want to give it my best shot. So…here is why I am telling you this: I need your help to decide what ONE sewing project post I should link up for my audition.

The entry rules say that I can enter ONE sewing project, new or old that was made by me. It does not have have to be an original idea or a tutorial, and it doesn’t matter if it was made with or without a pattern (though none of mine were). Machine and handsewing count. Crocheting and knitting do not. Rachel, the host, says: “Be sure it is a representation of you, your sewing skills, and your creativity!” She also says, “Big Tip: Take the very best pictures of your projects that you can! Besides your sewing skills and creativity, presentation will play a big role in a competition like this!” Although I put together a few photo composites below, I would need to pick only one photo to use as the “button”/thumbnail for the contest entry. (But I’ll add these composites to the original posts.) You can click on the pictures below to be taken to the original posts which I would link up with my contest entry.

I am trying to decide between –

My Patchwork Pants:

My Personalized Baby Quilts:

My Diaper Bag:

My Playmat Purse:

Or something else???

So some of my thoughts:

…the patchwork pants projects probably displays the least amount of skill, but perhaps the greatest amount of creativity (i.e. even in the dorky way I wrote the post)…and I think the pictures are really cute.

…The Baby Quilts incorporate hand-sewing and a lot of original design and ideas (i.e. with drawing the animals and incorporating so much personal stuff)…but it is hard to know what one picture best captures the project.

…I have sorta been thinking about making a tutorial for the diaper bag and selling patterns. I think a tutorial post with a slightly more complicated project like this might go over well…but the one picture would only show the exterior of the bag, which doesn’t really display its best features in my opinion.

…The Playmat Purse isn’t very technical, but it is creative…I could also make a new post to feature a diaper bag AND matching playmat purse AND changing mat so that I am entering the whole shebang for the competition. (I have a yellow and gray fabric I have been wanting to make a set out of…so it would give me a reason to do it and take some good pictures.)

I’d greatly appreciate it if you would leave a comment below with your opinion on which one I should enter.







Thanks for your thoughts : )









  1. Kaylee says:

    This sounds like a ton of fun! I hope you get it, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t! After looking at some of the other entries on the site, I am going to say that you should go with your quilt or your diaper bag. But am torn on which one to choose. I LOVE your quilt and think it is genius! But, I also love your diaper bag and am beyond impressed that you were able to create/make it, it seems like a really technical project. If I HAD to choose…..I would go with the diaper bag. I think it is awesome and an excellent display of your skill and creative style. : )

  2. Uncle Joel says:

    I agree. Bag or quilts. I would probably pick quilt because you are able to get a better view at the work you put into it as well as the creativity. The bag is amazing don’t get me wrong, it is just hard to see how much work was put into it. The quilt is laid out for the whole world to see. Very impressive on all accounts. Amber is going to be surprised at this comment because I am always saying how much I love those bags.

  3. Alisha says:

    Thanks Kaylee and Uncle Joel … but, uh, could you come look again? I thought of another option: My playmat purse OR entering the whole set (playmat purse, diaper bag, changing mat) Let me know if that changes your mind :). Thanks 🙂

  4. Kaylee says:

    I do love the playmat as well! Another great idea of yours! If you can submit all three, then I say go for that; it definitely shows off your skill and versatility.

  5. Aunt Amber says:

    I love the idea of going with the whole set – diaper bag and playmat purse. I absolutely love them and think they are some of your best work. If you had to choose just one of them, I would say the ….. playmat purse. SImply because it is more unique and the pictures of it with the toys in it are really eye catching.

    Oh – and I am not surprised that Uncle Joel voted for the blankets. They are awesome. And since you get to link up what you wrote about it, the thought that went into them would be part of the entry. Another great choice.

    So tough to choose!

  6. MOM says:

    Major tough decision! I think the write-up about the quilts makes it extremely unique and creative. But doing the whole shebang of the diaper bag grouping would be awesome also. Good luck!

  7. Aunt Amber says:

    Have you decided yet? I just checked out the competition a little and I think that either the blankets or the bag will stick out as fresh and different.

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