For Josiah’s Second Birthday, he got a slide from Daddy (You may remember it from this post).

I always intended to share some before and after pictures…and am just now getting around to it.

Here is the slide as it appeared when I first saw it at the side of the road with a FREE sign attached to it:

The slide itself appeared to be in excellent condition, but the ladder was a bit rusty and a few bolts were missing:

On closer inspection, Rodney noticed that some of the plastic was actually busted on the underside of the slide–and that it would no longer hold a bolt as it was supposed to.

So he rigged up a little system with a bar that extended across the slide (probably much stronger than the original plastic bolt connection had been):

And then he painted over the rusty pieces with Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint (a very handsome look if you ask me!) and put it all back together. Here is the finished product:

The slide has been a VERY POPULAR addition to our home!

Thanks Daddy!


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