It has been over a month and a half since I first introduced my Snugasabugbaby Diaper Bag in Blue Cocoa. Today I am pleased to introduce it’s very-girly counterpart.

It’s been a while, so let me give you the low down on our adventure to find the perfect diaper bag one more time….

I did a lot of shopping around for diaper bags before Josiah was born. I will admit, there are about a million to choose from, however I never found one I loved. I didn’t want to carry around a bag with Winne the Pooh or Mickey Mouse plastered all over it. Nor did I want the sporty back pack look. I was drawn to playful patterns and bags that looked a lot like over-sized purses. But it seemed many of these styles lacked the necessary pockets. For the first several months after Josiah was born, I used the diaper bag we were given at the hospital (a promotional offer from a formula company). Then I found a commercial pattern and fabric I thought I could work with. I added a couple of pockets, and changed up the straps and clasps. I was pretty happy with it, but it still wasn’t perfect. Since then, I have reworked the dimensions, made several other changes which I feel make this bag worthy of duplication.

I’m a boy’s mama so I am pretty much in love with blueish boy things. But for those of you with little angel baby girls, here is a SnugasaBugBaby Diaper Bag just for you:

I love the attached diaper changing pad. Magnetic clasps make it easy to roll out the changing pad with one hand while holding your baby in the other one. The surface of the changing pad is a water resistant, wipe clean fabric.

It also detaches and can be washed in your washing machine:

The reverse side features a single deep pocket which is a perfect drop spot for your keys, cell phone, or camera. There are also elastic pockets on both sides of the bag which are perfect for holding baby bottles, sippy cups, or bottles of water for mom and dad.

Three interior pockets keep diaper changing and baby care essentials well organized. Like the changing pad, the bag and interior pockets are lined with a water resistant, wipe-clean fabric.

There is also a strap and clasp. Attach your keys or a pacifier so that they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

I designed this bag with pretty short straps.

I like it that way, as it says nicely tucked up under my arm and my husband can carry it like a duffle bag.

You may prefer your straps longer…no problem! Before you order your own SnugasaBugBaby Diaper Bag in Bubble Gum and Brown, do one thing for me:

Find your favorite purse, measure the straps, and I’ll make your SnugasaBugBaby Diaper Bag custom fit just for you! (If you don’t have a tape measure, find a piece of string or yarn and set it along the curve of the strap, mark the length with your finger and then stretch it out flat against a yardstick or ruler).

Click here to see the coordinating Bubble Gum and Brown Playmat Purse.

Click here to purchase a SnugasaBugBaby Diaper Bag in Bubble Gum and Brown from my etsy store.

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