This... pretty much my favorite thing in the world!

Josiah loves to read. His face lights up when daddy or I take our place on the floor next to his bookshelf in our living room. He’ll bring book after book after book. After handing over his selection, he turns around and shuffles his little butt back until he plops into our laps. He never seems to tire of it! I’ll admit counting the same balls and butterflies over and over again can wear me out….but I’ll never tire of the way he takes his seat in our laps. He knows that seat was made especially for him.

I am pretty sure these days are long from extinct, and pray that story time is something we cherish as Josiah grows up. I remember reading books like “Little Women” and “Anne of Green Gables” in bed with my mom when I was pushing Jr. High age. But our territory was recently challenged when Josiah started reading to himself…

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