Several weeks ago, Plato’s Closet ( consignment store which sells mostly teenager stuff) had a clearance sale: everything you could fit in a bag for $10. It was crazy crowded, hectic, and hot digging through bins at their sidewalk sale, but I think I came away with $10 well spent. This is one of the several items that I stuffed into my bag:

I liked the cheery summer fabric and the orange detail around the bottom. It was several sizes too big…my mind instantly saw too big skirt and thought cute summer dress.

So I got it home and chopped it up.

I took the extra width from the skirt to make a bodice. I didn’t bother with darts or a zipper closure (inserting zippers is my least favorite part of sewing and I avoid them like the plague). I used the waistband, which already had a curve to it, to make ruffled sleeves (which are mostly successful at hiding bra straps…a must have for a summer dress for this mama).

And the skirt pretty much stayed a skirt, all I had to do was sew it back up again on one side.

I used pretty much every last bit of that skirt. These are all the scraps:-

So a quick recap…





Happy Summer!

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