This is my littlest brother, Tyler.

He stayed with us for a week while my parents took the oldest of my little brothers, Ben, to a bowling tournament in Reno.

We did all sorts of fun stuff…several of which were on Josiah’s One-Year-Old Bucket List.

Like playing in the sprinkler…

…making Smores

…painting masterpieces with cornstarch paint and paint brushes

…which also turned into finger painting

…and splashing in a pool.

(A really cool pool…Pirate’s Cove)

We also did several things that weren’t on the part of the list written in roman characters, but may have been what Josiah intended with his additions written in scribbles.

Like blowing bubbles,

having a backyard picnic,

having a water fight,

and watching “Pirates of the Carribbean: A Dead Man’s Chest” 50 or so times.

After Josiah’s special week with his favorite youngest uncle, the bucket list now looks like this:


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