A couple of weeks ago I posted a “how to” for making my own baby food (see here). I must admit, though, that baby food of the Gerber variety does have its certain advantages! It is difficult to pack frozen baby food cubes in the diaper bag…I think it is inevitable that they will either still be frozen when its time to eat OR that I’d forget I’d packed them until they went bad and the odor reminded me. Unopened, store bought baby food is stable at room temperature, so it can just be counted among the diaper bag essentials that always stay packed and ready to go. For this reason, I let Gerber do the work for me a few times.

What I love most about Gerber baby food, though, is the containers (the plastic rectangular ones with resealable lids)! Don’t throw them out! I have used them over and over and over again to for little cheese cubes, macaroni noodles, beans, and other baby finger foods. They are the perfect size, wash up in the dishwasher, and stack very easily in the refrigerator. I have found that I am much more likely to serve up a balanced meal for the baby when I have a few days worth of cheese or veggies already cut up…and I certainly wouldn’t cook macaroni noodles one serving ( up to 10 noodles) at a time!

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