Josiah, Daddy, and I played on the bathroom floor today: and we need your help! We are ready to tile the floor (have been for a while, actually) but I can’t decide how I want it to be. Yesterday I showed you the tiled shower. We used a beautiful mosaic tile for a decorative strip around the shower and also on the front of the shampoo shelves. I would kind of like to incorporate that on the floor, too. But I am afraid it might be too much. What do you think?

Option #1: No mosaic tile, diagonal set 12 inch floor tile…

Option #2: 2×2 mosaic tile between 12 inch floor tiles (you have to imagine the little tiles in the rest of the spaces)…

Option #3: 3×3 mosaic tile between 12 inch floor tiles (to most closely match the stripe and shelves, which are in strips of 3).

Again you have to imagine the little tiles in the spaces…

Here they are zoomed in closer and set side by side:












Here they are with the shower in view:











So….whadayathink? Which option do you think we should go with? Leave a comment to let me know!


ps. In case it makes a difference in your visualization, right now I am thinking dark expresso stain for the vanity and a sort of terra cotta burnt orangy brown (a color which is found in the mosaic tile) for the walls. I am picturing creams and /or whites for the shower curtain and linens…but that is all subject to change.


  1. Katie Schroeder says:

    Way to go Alisha! Your site looks amazing! I am very impressed with all your hard work. It was great to see you guys last night 🙂

    I vote for 3, and two is my second choice.

    See you soon!

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