There are many, many beautiful things you can do to your home (given the time, energy, motivation and/or money…). The REAL challenge is making your house beautiful AND practical. Figuring out what works and doesn’t work for your family and how to maximize the space that you live in is something you can’t hire a decorator for. Its trial and error and living real life every day. That’s how we make our house our home.

The way our family has lived in our home has changed a lot over the past couple of years (i.e. the way we use the various spaces, the amount of stuff that we have, and the amount of time we spend in various activities/places has all changed). It has become apparent that some changes are in order. And that is why we are swapping our bedrooms around–to make these spaces more practical for our family’s daily needs.

Let me explain. We have a three-bedroom split-level house. The biggest bedroom is in the basement (garden level) and has an attached bath. While it would have been natural for us to claim this as our master bedroom, for the past couple of years this room has served as our guest bedroom…

…and has also housed my sewing space.

The smallest bedroom upstairs became the nursery…

…and we have used the slightly larger room upstairs as our master bedroom:

This is how we have used these rooms since moving in to our home almost 2 1/2 years ago.

But this arrangement really isn’t suiting our needs as well as these spaces might…and so we are undertaking what I have lovingly termed “The Big Bedroom Swap Around.”

Over the next several weeks I will be sharing what we have identified our needs to be and why it has become necessary to undergo such an extensive remodel/re-arranging project.

Please join me!

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Choose from the link below to follow us as we embark on this journey (as each post in the series is published these links will become active):

Click here to find out why Bedroom #1 was not meeting our needs as a guest bedroom/sewing room.

Click here to for more information on why we felt using Bedroom #2 as a nursery was a waste of space.

Click here to read about the disadvantages of using Bedroom #3 as our master bedroom.

Click here to find out why we decided Bedroom #1 would suit our needs best as a master/family bedroom.

Click here for the reasons we determined to convert our beautiful nursery into a sewing room (Bedroom #2).

Click here to find out what we decided to do with Bedroom #3 in order to meet the majority of our remaining needs.

Click here to see how Bedroom #3 turned out.

Click here to see some progress on Bedroom #1 (and check back later to see the finished product :))


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  1. Carrie says:

    Good luck with the bedroom swap! I remember swapping rooms all the time especially with my sisters but even occasionally with my parents. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you will share with us again this week!

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