Do you remember when I showed you the toybox and the process I went through to paint it? I told you that part way through the process, I started kicking myself for undergoing such a complicated painting project on a furniture item that was really OK just the way it was…All those clean lines where the different colors met made it a pretty big job.

I shared this with my husband, who did not sympathize with me at all.


Me: Why did I decide it would be fun to do all this work? …This toybox was just fine the way it was.

The Hubby: Yes, Babe, but then you wouldn’t have been you…you always have to choose the most complicated option.


He does know me pretty well. And I love him dearly. But I just felt the need to point out today that he was wrong. I don’t ALWAYS choose the most complicated option.

You see, after the red beds, the dresser, the changing table top, the toybox, and the quilts were all done for the kids room (did you see the reveal post yesterday?)…and after the toys were boxed up and the decor hung on the wall, and the clothes put away in the closet…there was still the matter of lighting to be dealt with. The bedrooms in our house do not have overhead lighting, so the switch on the wall controls one of the outlets, with the intention of having a floor lamp be the primary source of light for the room.

So my idea was that we could make a lamp like this one from “Not Just a Housewife”…but paint the blocks with the same primary colors that I used for the furniture.

And then I thought I could make a lampshade like this one…but not butterfly cut-outs, maybe letters.

And then I thought I could make a coordinating lamp for the nightstand and the cut-outs could be numbers.

But, instead, since I DON’T always choose the most complicated option, I decided against this complicated option.

Instead, I bought a floor lamp. Lamps like this–intended for dorm rooms–are always pretty cheap at back-to-school time, this one was $20: honestly, probably about as cheap as I could have found a plain lampshade for my project…not to mention the lamp kit.

I used a lamp we already had for the nightstand.

Now, for the record, I still think home-made lamps would have fit the theme and feel of the kids room much better. But they would have cost more money, taken a lot more time, and not actually provided any better lighting for the room. So there ya have it. I don’t always choose the  most complicated option.

Only most of the time.



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