Last night, as I’ve done every couple of weeks for the last month or so, I sorted through the sock sack that hangs above my clothes dryer (you know, the place where all the socks go when they lose their match). Individual socks coming through the wash is a relatively new phenomenon at my house, but it has come with a vengeance! I can’t say everything in the sock department was “ship shape” until a baby entered the picture, my husband has always left his dirty socks around the house…but until recently they were at least lying around the house in pairs. And then Josiah started crawling.  So now the dad’s socks go through the laundry one at a time, with weeks lapsing in between…and often they land in the sock sack.

It was also about that time that Josiah discovered that my underwear and sock drawers are at floor level. I find them entirely empty several times throughout the week. I have learned that picking up must be quick, because in the time it takes for me to sort through the mess to put it away, my shoes seem to join the mix (Josiah is so helpful!). So in my hurry, some socks end up back in their drawer, some mixed in with the underwear or bras, and some–although clean–make their way straight to the laundry basket. And seldom do they all stay paired. So alas, the mom’s socks also go through the laundry one at a time, with weeks lapsing in between…and often wind up in the sock sack.

But the real heroes (antagonists?) of the missing sock saga are those little tiny ones! Even if both tiny socks start out in the same load, one or the other of them might go missing–inside a shirt, tucked up in the sheets, or clinging to a burp cloth (Of course, adult socks are not immune to this phenomenon, but the “lump” they form is a bit bigger and easier to spot). So socks started going missing from the very beginning, but the number has steadily increased. He just won’t keep ’em on! We felt that Josiah’s personality was captured nicely in his one year photos…caught in the act of pulling a sock off with a big smile on his face!

So here is the reason for telling you all of this: matching up all the single socks in the sock sack has been extra challenging lately because I was silly and bought two packages of identical socks in different sizes. So even when two socks look alike, they are actually slightly different sizes (and have no distinguishing marks). Don’t make this mistake! When you buy the next size of socks, buy a different brand, a different color, or label them somehow before they ever go through the wash. Until now, I thought it was silly that Old Navy and Baby Gap had the size of the sock “written” on the bottom of the sock with the no slip gripper stuff. Why publish the size? Now I understand!!!!

Happy pairing!

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