I haven’t really kept up with my plan to give you a “Tuesday Tour” of how I am “Making our House a Home” for several weeks. There are several reasons I could give you for this….like the fact that I haven’t done anything worth showing in the past few weeks or that I’ve been keeping too busy with other things or that I am questioning whether that is something I really even want to do every week and if anybody really cares. All true…but also true is the fact that nothing has been clean enough to take a picture of.

I value cleanliness. I value organization. It has always been my practice to clean up my space before stopping to relax (aka. do homework, crafts, or hang out with people) in it. Nothing seems as enjoyable or productive to me when done in a cluttered or messy environment.

I am realizing more and more that my desire calling to have a big family will probably not coincide well with my need desire to have a clean and orderly home. So as an exercise of growth and maturity in mommyhood, I AM going to give you a tour of my home today. As it looks today.

Watch your step as you enter; you may have to do a bit of maneuvering to make your way up the stairs. Or just kick things out of your way, whatever works for you. Feel free to take off your shoes, and find an available spot on the steps to put them.

The first room you find yourself in upon entering our home is the dining room/office. Today, paintings are drying on the fingerprint-smudged table…

And the remnants of our cheerio craft/snack aren’t hard to spot.

If you can manage your way through the dining room without crunching too many cheerios between your toes, you’ll find yourself in the kitchen…

…where pretty much every square inch of counterspace is covered with some dirty dish, cup, or food. I promise you the dishes were done last night…

Beyond the kitchen is the living room/play space/war zone.

See these lentil beans that were once decor? …

You’ll now find them decorating the carpet and couch cushions as well. You see, at some point they became bombs flying through the air…

…and later were used for the foundation of a skyscraper hotel that was going up in flames.

Before heading downstairs, you are welcome to take a peak into the bedrooms. Siah’s room is currently occupied by my little brother, Tyler, who is staying with us for the week (The 7-year-old creator of the above scenes).

And here is our bedroom.

My sewing space downstairs actually looks better than it did in these pictures…I just haven’t had time to mess it up sew in a while.

I have, on the other hand, used the bathroom counterspace…

And here is the basement den/ man cave …

….and that’s all I have to say about that.

And remember, not so long ago, when I showed you these pictures of our wonderfully organized garage? Well, this is what it looks like today:

Thanks for visiting, let me know when you might be able to come again, and I’ll be sure to shovel a path for you.


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  1. BrittanyF. says:

    This made me happy. I thought you were super woman. I guess you are just like me :). Miss ya much!

  2. Cal says:

    At last, a “real” house, were actual people live… I love your honesty , and seeing that you have stuff on your stairs just like us.

  3. Heather - Stringtown Home says:

    I just stumbled across your blog through a linky party, and you have no idea how much this made my day!! My mom has always had a sign that hangs in her kitchen window.. so cute, and it reads, “Clean Houses Never last… Hugs and Kisses Do!”

  4. Michele says:

    You rock – letting it all out there, totally courageous!
    Love your stories and pics, and can relate. My office (or dare i say cat room?) looks like a tornado hit it!

  5. Jill says:

    Good for you taking pictures as is! I know I usually push the mess out of the way to snap pictures – or hide it all in the spare room when guests come round!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. Rachel says:

    Thank your for posting this. We’re all in this together. These days when the kids make this messes are so short. Let your freak flag fly!

  7. Shantalle says:

    Lol! I love that you shared this post. My first thought is, poor woman must be cleaning up remnants on the stairs from the fall through from the dining table (that’s what the photo looks like, stairs right beside table?), second thought is a huge lol to your lentil beans and another ‘poor girl’ 🙂 And then my third thought is that I wish I had the courage to do this. What a weight to show the world what a happy home can look like if you show up uninvited 😉 Great post!

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