My mom gave me this little nativity set a few years ago, intended that it be the one our kids would play with (not the expensive breakable one they will not be allowed to touch).

Well, play Josiah has. Somewhere along the way, Joseph lost a hand. This may or may not have been related to the incident in which we found Mary with one of the wise men hiding in a drawer.

Then one day baby Jesus turned up missing.

Don’t fret…he was safe under the Christmas tree with Mary.

I wish I could hear the stories the little man might tell for these little mishaps and adventures. I’d sure love to know what is going on in Bethlehem in the mind of my 2-year-old!

  1. Amber Vlasnik says:

    haha This made me laugh out loud! It really would be interesting to know what is going on in the Little Town of Bethlehem in Josiah’s mind…

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