I have decided to implement “Tuesday Tour.” Every Tuesday,  I am going to give you a virtual tour of the way we are Making Our House a Home. First Stop: the Nursery. This room is going to take me a few Tuesdays, though. It is only a tiny room, but there are SO MANY details that make it special. This week I want to show you the way this room has come together with things from a hundred different places, and all at a minimal cost :). See, while many people wait until they feel they can “afford” to have a baby, we did not. That was not God’s plan for us. (And how much money is enough anyway?). I worked extra hours the summer before Josiah was born and we were able to pay all of our hospital bills with cash. And everything else a baby needs? …well, let me show you how God has provided:We did not find out if we were having a boy or a girl until Josiah was born. This didn’t bother me any. Green and brown with blue accents is exactly what I wanted for a boy. Green and brown with pink accents was exactly what I would have wanted for a girl. Shortly after we announced we were pregnant, my mother-in-law’s neighbors asked if she knew anyone who was having a baby. Why, yes, she did! They had a crib and changing table they no longer needed. The price was right…FREE!

The set of storage baskets and diaper stacker were gifts. So was a 4-5 month supply of diapers and a supply of lotions, baby bath, oil, and baby powder which we are still working our way through today! The receiving blankets which you see rolled up and stacked there were also gifts. And we bought the “diaper champ” (stinky keeper) with a gift card! The stuffed dog was something that I gave my husband when we were in college.

The picture above shows what the north wall looked like up until a few months ago. A few months ago, we did a bit of rearranging of furniture around the house: the ladder shelf which was in the dining room replaced the small particle board one. Now it looks like this:

My favorite thing about the shelf swap is that we also switched up the lamp. For some reason the bedrooms in our house have no overhead lighting. The floor lamp lights up the room much better than the other one did. The shelves above the changing table were something that my mother-in-law picked up from a thrift store. The monkey, blue rhino thing, and bear which sit in them were baby gifts. The chicken was a something I was given as a “good luck” gift when I performed a clogging show duet in which I dressed up like a big chicken. Yes I did that…and won a national championship I might add! (O, my wonderful repertoire of life experiences!). The rocking horse which you can partially see in the bottom right hand corner (the top picture in this post has a better view) is something that I designed for one of my high school shop classes (All of my high school elective courses were spent in shop or art classes). It has been well used by my little siblings and now sits waiting for Josiah to use! The toys, books, blankets, and frames on the shelves are again gifts! What a blessed boy! (spoiled kid?)

I found the vintage “The Golden Treasury of Children’s Literature” and the “Real Mother Goose” books at a garage sale for a quarter a piece. “Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones,” “Animals Born Alive and Well,” and “The Reason for a Flower” were some of my husbands favorite books when he was a kid. Grammy Sammy (my mother-in-law) had saved them and gave them to Josiah. The blue thermal blanket was also my husbands, as was the silver cup.  It is monogrammed and has my husband’s birthday engraved into it, and a coordinating one is on the shelf below this one. Inside the cup are Josiah’s hospital bracelets. The frame was a gift from Bonnie, my husband’s “other mother” growing up (his best friend’s mom). The train was a recent find! Remember the brio train set from this post? When we were back home for Christmas, my husband dug that out of storage in his father’s basement. This is not a brio train, but it was a treasure which I found in that bag. It wasn’t all in one piece, but all the pieces except the smoke stack were there, so we were able to reassemble it. I think it is darling! So much “special” all on one shelf!

Moving on around the room… I am skipping over the crib for now (which was free remember 🙂 ) Today, I want to show you this wonderful rocking chair and end table. The chair was something we put on our registry “just for fun”…but we actually got it from another one of my husbands “other mothers” (his mom’s best friend)! The teddy bear which sits on the chair is something that my husband gave me when we were in college. It is nice to be able to keep such things, but not on my “grown up” bed :).The blanket on the chair was a gift from a special mentor couple of ours.  The end table and lamp are both things that we got from my mother-in-law (Grammy Sammy). About 2 months after we closed on our house, she sold hers in order to downsize. We rented a truck, drove eight hours each way, and came away with much more than these two items. The end table actually has a really beautiful ornate oriental carving on the top. It is a shame to cover it up, but it was the perfect size to go right here and the oriental thing just didn’t do it for me in the nursery. Someday it will be uncovered and perfect somewhere else in my home. The blocks on the table were a wedding gift. The big blocks are actually storage boxes I found at a garage sale. I painted each to match the room, softened them with a teddy bear (another shower gift), and “voila”…formal oriental end table turned baby chic!

OK, the last picture of the day: the closet. I decided to paint the closet brown and I love it. When I started, there were accordion doors on the closet, but not one on the linen closet in the bathroom. I decided to donate a nursery closet door to the bathroom and was going to make curtains for the nursery. I did make curtains, but have never hung them. I don’t mind the closet open. In fact I rather like it. The brown offers a nice contrast to the room and makes it feel ever so slightly bigger. It also gives me a place to showcase the dresser. I bought this dresser for $3 at a garage sale. I wish I had before pictures, but I don’t. It was pink and green and covered with Winnie the Pooh stickers. My friend Serena came over to help me sand and refinish it (I was 8-months pregnant at the time and really appreciated the help!) She then surprised me with some teddy bear knobs which were a perfect finishing touch! Nothing else real special to report about the closet…except once again to recognize how extremely blessed we have been. We’ve moved through a number of sizes, but have had a closet stocked with handsome brand-name hand-me-downs all along the way! Our nursery is certainly a testament to God’s provision. Writing this post has reminded me–yet again–just how blessed we have been!

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  1. Lyndsey Demmel says:

    The nursery is darling! I love all the special details you have added ~ and will be using some ideas in our nursery 🙂

  2. Jana says:

    Josiah’s room is adorable! We have a Josiah, too, only he’s almost 9 now, but he and his two brothers have had similar hand-me-downs, thrift store finds, etc., for their nurseries. They grow out of things too fast too spend tons of money, and it’s a good reminder to me as I’m three weeks away from delivering my 4th baby (we have never found out ahead of time either) that babies mostly just need love and not a lot of high-ticket items! We are “starting over” (we moved to TX a year ago and left the majority of our possessions in WA since we were only going to be here a year…now we’re looking at 2!). So, I’m off to more thrift stores and consignment stores tomorrow!!
    Oh, and I have pinned Josiah and Selah’s blankets before! Adorable!!

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