The past couple of weeks I have shown you around Josiah’s nursery. Two weeks ago, I shared how the nursery came together through the blessings of others (see here). Last week, I took a few steps back and shared how the room went from a blank canvas to my favorite room in the house (see here). This week, I am going to zoom in to the quilt which hangs over the crib.

I have mentioned before that we did not move into our house until about a month and a half before Josiah was born. So I did a lot of “nesting” by drawing pictures on paper. I have also mentioned before that we did not know Josiah was going to be a boy until he was born. So I had detailed pictures of a potential boy’s blanket and a potential girl’s blanket all drawn up and colored in with my prismacolors set. I went to every fabric store in town dreaming up possible color and texture combinations. I wanted a classic ABC 123 theme in our nursery. But I also love the classic zoo/Noah’s ark/jungle themes. I saw no reason we couldn’t do both, and both are incorporated into this quilt. I also wanted it to be very unique to my son, so each number and each letter is chosen with care. Here is Josiah’s Quilt:

And here is the story behind it:

Obviously I started with a big J and the quilt square which says “is for” : J is for Josiah.

My name is Alisha, hence the A in the top left corner.

My husbands name is Rodney, hence the R in the top right corner.

Josiah’s initials are JGK.

With A, G, J, K, and R included, we still had 21 letters left to choose from for the animals. So I started to think about what animals to include. The dog and the whale were kind of just chosen at random: I wanted to include blue, hence the whale. W for whale. There are many brown options and when I ran them all by my husband, he picked a dog. D for dog. Choosing an animal for the tall quilt square was more difficult. My first thought was a giraffe, but we had already used a G for Josiah’s middle name. We went with a camel partially because Josiah and I rode a camel while he was still in the womb on my trip to Israel and Jordan. C for Camel. My plan for a girls quilt (assuming the letters would work with her name) is B for Bird, L for Lion, and G for Giraffe. I already have another boy quilt designed in my mind for our next son, too: A for Alligator (which could become C for Crocodile if I need the A elsewhere), E for Elephant, and M for Monkey.

We did a lot of thinking about the numbers. The 3 was chosen because Josiah’s birth made us a family of 3. The 2 was chosen because if you look up 2 Kings 22:2, it says, “[Josiah] did what was right in the eyes of the LORD and walked in all the ways of David, his father; he did not turn aside to the right or to the left.” Josiah is named after one of the greatest  kings in the Bible, and I always want him to know this. Josiah became king when he was 8 years old (Josiah in the Bible, that is) and I think that is cool. I hope Josiah (my Josiah) will want to have a king birthday party when he turns 8 and will wear a crown for the day. Josiah (my Josiah) was also born in 2008, so the 8 is doubly significant.

So every letter and every number means something. Every stitch is also special. Every quilt square is hand sewn. I worked on this one square at a time for the first couple of months after Josiah was born. He’d curl up and fall asleep on my chest while I stitched away.

Last year for my birthday my husband got me a sewing machine. It can do many of the stitches that I did by hand plus about a hundred more. This means that I can now make quilts like this in less than the 200 or so hours I probably spent on Josiah’s đŸ™‚ Which means I’d love to make one for you!

If you are interested in designing a custom baby blanket for your special little someone, contact me at or visit my etsy store and send me a custom order message.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I love the thought you put into stitching his little quilt and by hand?!?! WOW!
    This will definitely be a treasure for him for all of his life!

  2. Alisa says:

    Very cute blanket and I really like it because my son’s name is Josiah too! Our names are very similar as well {Alisa~Alisha} Thanks for sharing!

  3. Roxanna Maria Robinson says:

    You’ve really inspired me đŸ˜€
    I’m designing a blanket right now, and planning to do a single-bed size; especially to allow for the 8 letters in my baby girl’s name.

    I just wanted to thank you again, your talent is a gift from God and so inspiring! I plan to hand stitch each square, and then join by machine….

    Thank you!

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