It is crazy to think that I have had a web presence for over a year now. I started this blog last January as a part of a business venture making handmade baby creations. I wanted to join the ranks of “mommy blogs” with thoughts, tips, and such. I’ll admit, my goal was primarily to write about things that might draw people to my blog in order to draw them to then check out my store. Since getting started over a year ago, blogging has become much more for me than that

I have begun to see “mundane” daily activities as “blog worthy:” writing a post about making mud pie, home-made play-doh, or fingerpaint with cornstarch, helps me to see these fun activities as even more important than checkmarks on my to-do lists. And as one who lives by a list and takes great joy in “accomplishing” said tasks, this is a pretty big deal in the realm of personal improvement and properly aligned priorities.

I have found that I really enjoy sharing ideas: like advice on finding the best sippy cups, choosing the best baby-proofing system, and making home-made baby food. There really is a lot that goes into the job title “mommy”…and I’d like to think I can help others not make the same mistakes we have.

It is fun to share about all the little things that mean something to me when we put together a nursery for Josiah, or to chronicle the progress of home improvement projects like our bathroom remodel.

My favorite posts to share are probably the ones that are more personal in nature…about things that REALLY MATTER like the way I have taken to praying for my future children, how my relationship with God has been challenged by my relationship with my son, and other little tidbits about the joys of parenthood.

I have appreciated the way that blogging about it has given us the motivation we needed to take pictures of my growth throughout pregnancy (something we really didn’t feel we ever had a reason to do when I was pregnant with Josiah).

Becoming “a blogger” myself has given me a reason to seek out other bloggers, and I have “met” some truly wonderful, creative, talented, and inspiring people who have also decided to open up their lives through blogging.


It is crazy the ways I have begun to see the world through the lens of a blogger: for example, I often find myself snapping pictures of odd things because I have a blog post in mind, or making sure we stop to take before and after pictures of everything we do.

I have come to truly appreciate the format of a blog: with categories, and tags, and links. When my husband and I were asked to lead a new Bible Study this year, and began to discuss how we might organize our lessons and what we would teach…a blog format is where my mind was instantly drawn. My husband loved the idea, and we have now started another blog together as a forum from which to share thoughts and information between gatherings with our Bible Study group. I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed having this as something we do together, and we would be honored if you would like to go and poke around our new blog: (In fact, we’d love to have you join with us in the adventure of reading through the Bible in the next eight months and participating in the discussion from wherever you are). I am grateful for all that I have learned about blogging and the way we are able to take and use these skills for our benefit in other area’s of our life.

All in all, I love this blog and am appreciative of the ways it has changed my perspectives and priorities. It is a time-consuming venture, but one that I feel has been a welcome part of my journey over the past year. Thank you for joining with me in it.

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