Yesterday, I shared several of the things that I think blogging has done for me. These are significant and valuable considerations for me as I have been in a process of “bloggy re-evaluation.”

You see, despite all that blogging has done for me, there is one very significant thing that it has not really done so much at all: help me get up and running with my SnugasaBugBaby business venture.

I have met with several discouraging realizations in the process of starting my own business: realizing the high prices I would have to charge for my products in order to fairly compensate myself for my time, discovering that I was not allowed to sell some products (Peek-a-Boo Blankies) in my etsy store due to copyright laws, and finding that the $1000 business investment my husband and I agreed upon ran dry far faster than I thought it would.

However, I feel that the biggest hindrance I have found in getting my business off the ground has been a lack of time to devote to the creation of products. It just takes a long time to perfect a design to reproduce, gather the materials, make a few samples, photograph them in proper lighting, and then re-size the photos to proper posting size, write up a blurb about them, and get them posted in my store.

Raising a kid, writing a thesis, maintaining a home, enjoying a marriage, completing a master’s degree, and growing in relationships with God and his church also take quite a bit of time. Almost all of mine. The “issue” up for evaluation is the fact that this blog also takes time, quite a bit of it. As I look ahead to a second child to raise, increased financial responsibility (school loans coming due in May which may require my getting a job), increased responsibilities within our church, but also the completion of my degree and the time that will free up; I have been honestly asking whether continuing blogging with the frequency I have been is a wise commitment for me to make.

For all the reasons I mentioned yesterday, I feel that it is. I have really enjoyed and benefited from having a blog over the past year. So while I have determined that I definitely want to continue blogging, I have also decided that I must make one significant change. Much in the same way I have determined to keep up with weekly pregnancy updates on Wednesdays, I am going to “require myself” to add weekly to my portfolio, store, and/or inventory of SnugsaBugBaby products. Every Sunday [beginning as soon as I can find my craft room (it is currently quite organized but buried in other home projects) and no later than the completion of my Comprehensive Exams on February 26th], I intend to showcase a new SnugasaBugBaby product every Sunday. These products will then be added to my etsy store over the week to follow.

I have actually made and sold many custom items over the past year that I have said absolutely nothing about on SnugasaBugBaby. So while some weeks I will share new products that I will likely be rushing to finish in time for a Sunday post, other weeks I will showcase a product that I have already finished but never really shared. These products will be added to a new page I will create with a portfolio. While these products are custom made, and cannot be mass-produced for craft shows or pre-made to sell in my etsy store, they are all things I am willing to make again through special orders.

So be watching for an influx of new products and a portfolio page over the next several weeks and months 🙂 (And hold me to it, if said promises are not materializing!)

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