Last week, I shared with you both what blogging has done for me and what it has not. While I have determined to continue blogging, my “bloggy reflection” has not ended there. I have also been doing some reflection about what is, and what I want it to be.

“Blogging experts” advise new bloggers to find a niche, stick to it, and become “the expert” on a very specific corner of the world. In the past year of blogging, I have still not found my narrow little niche. And I am pretty sure I don’t have one. I would be bored to have to stay in my own corner of expertise because I am interested in and care about too wide of a variety of things…

Although I love to decorate, I am not a decorating expert…nor can we work fast enough to blog solely about our home improvement projects.

I enjoy cooking good food and sharing fun recipes every once in a while, but I am not a cooking expert nor do I desire to remove frozen pizza, canned soup, or pasta with sauce from a jar from our regular rotation of meals…and therefore cannot promise that my reprotoire of recipes will ever be wide enough to have a blog solely focused on food.

I love my son (and daughter) and everything that “mommydom” entails, but I am under no illusion that the rest of the world wants to check back daily for the latest and greatest cute moments or milestones if that were all I had to share. Plus we have our dropshots site for that.

I love to sew, but honestly am just not that into stopping an photographing each step in order to provide regular sewing tutorials or tips. Plus I could never keep my workspace neat enough to do so (I wait to pick up scraps of fabric, thread, lint, etc. until the very end of the process so the floor and tables are usually covered in them).

Every once in a while I realize that I have figured out some facet of life or motherhood in a way that is worthy of sharing a tip or two…but certainly have too much yet to learn to become the expert on “all things mommy” such that this could ever be a blog exclusively of mommy tips.

Some people blog about coupons and getting good deals. I love getting good deals and I do clip coupons, but blogging about it would require that I share information before the good deals are gone or coupons expire. I can make no such promises.

Other peoples’ “niche” is simply good writing: they are talented and funny and people naturally want to read what they have to say. That isn’t me…I know my blabbings just aren’t that interesting as my creativity does not naturally flow through written words.


I have realized that when reading other blogs, I gravitate much more to Do-It-Yourself and Home Decorating blogs than any others. And while I don’t want to deny the part of me that loves to decorate and design…at the end of the day, I still want to be a mommy blog….for my family is what motivates most of what I do.

So I have determined to make very few changes to what I write about. I have decided to ignore the probably very good advice about finding a niche and sticking to it. Other than the addition of a portfolio page and regular introduction of new SnugasaBug Products (and perhaps a few less personal updates about our family adventures), you can expect SnugasaBugBaby to be very much the same in 2011 as it was in 2010…unless of course you have some advice to the contrary.

Do you have any advice?

What would YOU like to see more of or less of in the year to come?

Is there a particular category or topic listed to the left that you feel I should focus more of my time on? Any that I should focus on less or cut altogether?

I’d would truly love your advice on how I might make all that it can be in the year ahead.

  1. MOM says:

    I personally love your blabbings because it helps be stay in touch with you – the real you inside that I wouldn’t get to see – since we live so far apart. Your blog allows me to see into your heart and mind, to see your passions! And I think you write beautifully!!

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