A couple of weeks ago, my friend Lindsay, of LittleThoughtsbyLT, and Amber, my sister who guestposted a while back about how to throw a baby gender reveal party, invited me to join pinterest.

So I did.

And. I. LOVE. it….I think you will, too.

You see, once upon a time (about 2 weeks ago) I had all these folders on my desktop into which I copied pictures for home inspiration…but there wasn’t really an easy way to save links to look up them up again on the internet. I also had a  word document upon which I copy and pasted web addresses for future reference (things like recipes, project tutorials, or good blog posts). But it was really pretty much disorganized chaos. Now I can use pinterest 🙂

So….What is Pinterest?

It is like a memo board upon which you pin stuff you like…on the internet. When you register, you get to put a “pin it” button on your internet browser bookmarks bar. Then whenever you come across something that you like on the vast world wide web, you simple click “pin it” to save it on one of your boards. You can add a little blurb, choose what board you want to pin it to…and voila…it’s there. You can create your own “boards” to fit your interests…as many as you want to. I have boards for project ideas, recipes to try, home inspiration…

I am just getting stared with filling up and creating my boards…but feel free to look me up :)…


I especially love the social networking aspect…Pinterest will find other friends of yours (through your facebook account) who also have pinterest boards and you can check out what they have pinned. So I think you should join…and then I can oogle over all the neat things you find, too!





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