Monday, in her series on how to throw a baby gender reveal party, my sister shared the list of wives tales that she gathered for our baby gender reveal party. I thought it might be kind of fun for those of you who weren’t there to hear our responses:

1.            Do you crave the heals of bread or the middle?

Heals: Boy

Middle: Girl

I definitely like the middle…are there really people who would eat the crust/heels and leave the middle? I don’t know that this is really a pregnancy characteristic of mine…but it was an easy question to answer.

2.            Hands Chapped/Dry or Softer?

Chapped: Boy

Softer: Girl

Again, I am not really sure this is a pregnancy thing…I have always been prone to dry skin and hair PLUS I live in dry Colorado…but again, an easy question to answer answer…my skin is anything but soft and my hands have been getting so chapped lately they crack and bleed.

3.            Eating more or sick/nauseated?

Eating more: Boy

Sick: Girl

OK, at the party I am pretty sure Amber further qualified the question with “so sick you can’t eat anything” and since having food in my stomach always made the nausau feel better, I got confused thinking that didn’t really fit. After the party, Rodney told me my answer really surprised him…He reminded me of all the times he took me out to eat because I couldn’t stand the smell of cooking and I would search the whole menu and but end up eating nothing but mashed potatoes. Ya, he was right…I blame it on that silly selective amnesia that has me already forgetting how awful I felt and how sick I was in the first trimester. My early pregnancy was MUCH better characterized by the word SICK than the word HUNGRY (and at this point in pregnancy I would say I am just eating normal). So even though I said I ate more to keep the nausau away at the party…I am officially changing my answer: SICK

4.            Can people tell you are pregnant from the back?  Or are you pregnant all over?

Just from back:  Boy

All over: Girl

At the party I turned a few circles and let everyone else decide. They were all very kind and pretended they couldn’t tell I was pregnant from the back. I am OK with that answer 🙂

5. Which breast is bigger during pregnancy?

Left: Boy

Right: Girl

This was a hard one. I dunno!  Tom, one of our friends from down the block, said that they would all give us a minute or two if Rodney and I wanted to leave the room so that Rodney could help me figure it out. And I got all red and hot and sweaty. And then people laughed that I was getting embarrassed and I got more embarrassed. Still, I tried to honestly remember which boob has been having a harder time staying tucked inside my bra and decided it was probably the left. So there ya have it.

6.            Who was more aggressive at the time of conception?

Husband: Girl

Wife: Boy

This question was directed to Rodney and was prefaced with “now remember that your mother-in-law is in the room…” He didn’t seem to hesitate, though…he knew the answer. My face got redder. So did his.

7.            During the pregnancy, have you been crabby or happy?

Crabby: girl

Happy: boy

This question was directed toward the hubby, too. He didn’t really hesitate on this one either 🙁

8.            Carrying low or high?

Low: Boy

High: Girl

Again, I let the guests decide…and they all felt it was really obvious. The hard part is I am so short wasted I feel I carry in the only place possible. I also remember people commenting when I was pregnant with Josiah (my SON mind you) that I carried really high, so I certainly don’t put much stock in this “determining characteristic”.

9.            Do you crave sweet foods or sour/salty foods?

Salty/Sour: Boy

Sweet: Girl

I thought this one was tough. I pretty much like the same things when I am pregnant as I do when I am not pregnant: ice cream and cheese and cookies and waffle fries with Chic-fil-A sauce… However, I have recognized that I crave mexican food a lot more than I think I normally do…and we decided that was more in line with salty.

10.              Is the heartbeat high or low:

High: Girl

Low: Boy

For some reason Rodney remembered the heart rate number from the ultrasound appointment, and one of the ladies there new what the normal range was for baby heart beats. I would have had no clue. I just know that it beats and its faster than mine.

11.              Which side do you lay on when resting:

Left: Boy

Right: Girl

Every morning I wake up realizing I am SO SORE and have to roll over to my right side to take some of the pressure off my left hip. But I can definitely say that I have spent the majority of most of my nights on my left.

12.            During the pregnancy, have you been clumsy or graceful?

Clumsy: Boy

Graceful: Girl

Are there really people who get more graceful with an extra person growing out from their middle???

13.            Show me your hands.

Shows them palms up: Girl

Shows them palms down: Boy

Who knew this meant anything. I stuck them both up sort of like stop signs, rather than flipped up like I was going to receive something. I would be curious to know if I would have really done this differently when I was pregnant with my little boy. Who knows? Not me.

14.            Has the husband put on weight during the pregnancy?

Yes: Girl

No: Boy

15.              Pick up a single key.

Picks it up by the long narrow part: Girl

Picks it up by the round part: Boy

Picks it up in the middle: Twins

Again, I would be curious to see if I really would have done this differently last time I was pregnant.

16.              Did the older sibling say Mom or Dad first?

Mama: Girl

Dada: Boy

Yup, its true. It actually took a lot longer for Josiah to say mom 🙁

17.              Consider the Mother’s age at conception and the year or conception.

Both even or Both odd: Girl

One is even and one is odd: Boy

When we conceived I was 26 and it was 2010. Both even.

So this is what the poster looked like with all the cute little onesies Amber made for “keeping score” :

(It was 11 to 6…but with my changed answer about being sick instead of hungry it would have been 10 to 7…still predicting a boy)

All those old wives were wrong.

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  1. MOM says:

    hummmmm… mashed potatoes and Mexican food. Add donuts to that – and that is what I favored when pregnant with you!!

  2. Alisha says:

    That is fun 🙂 I think it may actually have been just yesterday that I told Rodney we should make some home-made donuts from refrigerator biscuits like we had growing up. But I forgot to buy biscuits at the store this morning 🙁

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