This past week has been full of accomplishments. Besides establishing prices and opening my etsy shop, here is what we have been up to:

We’ve done some research.

We’ve cleaned up our lives.

We’ve broken down barriers.

We’ve cleared up our view of the world.

We’ve taken a few walks in other people’s shoes.

We’ve recovered lost treasures (a.k.a dumpster diving)

We’ve enjoyed some sweet moments.

And–although from a distance–we’ve celebrated the true gift of new life!

Welcome to the World Kylie Larkin!!

You are truly loved.

  1. Amber Vlasnik says:

    I bet Josiah LOVED the library. I am surprised he was able to focus on just one book!

  2. Lindsay Thomas says:

    Oh gosh Lish, I didn’t read that well at first and thought you had another baby! I thought, it hasn’t been THAT long since we’ve talked, has it?! The garage looks fantastic! Josiah is such a cutie! He sure is growing up!

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