I can hardly believe it is already 2011. I thought perhaps taking a moment to wrap up 2010 and our holiday break might help me come to terms with reality and get ready to start a new year (which also means getting back into the swing of things with studying and such…those comps are coming right up).

On December 15th 2010, I went the very last Seminary class of my career. When class was over, I practically ran to the car where the hubby and Josiah were waiting in the car with bags packed to head to the airport. Then we drove the long drive to the airport. Then we ran to get our bags checked in on time. Then we stood in the long line to get through security. Then we ran to our gate where they were announcing the final boarding call. Then we found our seats and were informed that our flight would be delayed 30 minutes for weather. Recap: we ran and waited and ran and waited and then ran to wait some more. But you know, I am not being sarcastic when I say that I love flying. It wasn’t so long ago that people travelled by covered wagon.

Anyway, we were off to Knoxville to spend the holidays with Grammy, Gippy, Uncle Chip, Aunt Chris and cousins Kaitlyn, Cohen, and Kylie.

Grammy rented a cabin for all of us in the Smokey Mountains for a few days…complete with an air hockey table and hot tub!

We ate good food, played games, roasted mallows, watched Polar Express……and just had some good quality time together.But the fun didn’t stop after our cabin excursion, we also went bouncing…and bowling…

and took in a great Christmas lights show.

Of course, we also exchanged presents…and came away with wonderful loot!

From Grammy, Josiah got more treasures than I can remember or name…his favorite of which are a set of matchbox cars, a light-up bouncy ball, and this humungous stuffed horse:

From Uncle Chip and Aunt Chris, he got this dump truck…and really cool bath toy.I made all the kids matching pajamas…

…and superhero capes

We had a GREAT time visiting family and were excited to meet Miss Kylie Larkin for the first time.

We flew home on Christmas Eve, in time for the hubby to get to work that evening. Yup, he worked Christmas, too. It was the first year I have not spent Christmas Day with my parents and siblings, but after our fun-filled holiday trip the week before, I’ll admit it was kind of nice to have a quiet family Christmas at home.

Santa came…and left a stocking full of oranges, pistachios, and–the present which may have been the biggest hit of all–…

…a flashlight (which Santa may or may not have gotten free at Harbor Freight Tools). Why do we think we need to spend big bucks for the holidays?

After checking out Josiah’s stocking, Daddy went to bed for the day (remember he worked the night before). Josiah and I took a shower and then put new jammies back on for the day. That was the mood of our Christmas 🙂

Since Christmas, I have had fun organizing and taking inventory of hand-me-down clothes we brought back from Kaitlyn, Cohen, and Kylie into tubs in our garage. As an extension of this project, we have reorganized our garage to make room for all the furniture that will be finding temporary lodging there during our big bedroom swap around and began the prep-work for this project. We found some beautiful french doors on Craigslist for $45 (as well as a bit of free lumber) for my new walk-in closet…and the first room has now been emptied 🙂 I just picked up tons of tubs to better organize all my sewing and craft stuff, and am excited to begin that process tomorrow. Perhaps it is due to the pregnancy “nesting bug” or perhaps it is just me (or maybe both), but these organizational projects have me really excited. The hubby has been involved every step of the way, but doesn’t really feel my excitement. I think torture might be his word of choice. Good thing he loves me 🙂

Anyway…to sum it up…2010 was a wonderfully blessed year for our family, and the past few weeks were the cherry on top.

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